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Is There No Room in the World for Jews?

Golda Meir was exactly right, even so many years later, when she said that if Israel would put down its arms, Israel would be destroyed, but if the Arabs would put down their arms, there would be peace.

Former ambassador Michael Oren was boldly forthright when he replied to a question posed to him by Dennis Prager several weeks ago. When asked whether he thought the average Palestinian would prefer investing in building more hospitals or in killing more Jews, Oren replied that Palestinians would prefer killing Jews to building hospitals. Michael Oren’s answer is profound because it highlights the crux of the problem. This question was posed to Oren before the latest round of rocket attacks occurred. If anyone doubted the veracity of Oren’s statement, the recent war with Hamas proved his answer to Pager’s question to be eerily prescient.

Since the last “uprising” which Hamas instigated against Israel, Hamas has built up and perfected its stockpile of rockets, firing at least 4,300 rockets into Israel. The range of the rockets was ‘perfected’ so that they reached areas in Tel Aviv. It is clearly apparent what Hamas does with the ‘humanitarian aid’ it is given. Notwithstanding that Iranian funding and training helped Hamas build up its arsenal to use against Israel, Biden seems incomprehensibly intent on reentering the Iran Deal and lifting the sanctions previously imposed on Iran.

Hamas’ charter still calls for the destruction of Israel. In the collective mind of Hamas and the Palestinians, this a religious war. Land disputes and settlements are the pretext. They don’t believe that the entire country of Israel has a right to exist. In fact, before Hamas was organized as a terrorist entity, and long before “settlements” became “the real problem” in the Middle East, the Arabs began a concerted campaign of terror and pogroms to cleanse Israel of the Jews who came back home after the Holocaust. (But the Arab pogroms against the Jews began years before the creation of the State of Israel. There were Hebron massacres of Jews in 1921 and in 1929, and many riots in between. It is worth noting that there were no “settlements” at the time.)

When the PLO, headed by Yasser Arafat, was established, the destruction of Israel was in its charter as it is in Hamas’ charter. The PA is an offshoot of the PLO, and though Abbas wears a suit and does not don a keffiyeh, as did Arafat, they are both cut from the same keffiyeh cloth, except Abbas’ keffiyeh has been woven into a suit of deception.

We cannot afford to be deceived into believing the carefully orchestrated lie of the Two State Solution which was rejected by former president Trump and is being revived by president Biden. It is a dangerous folly. It would be a suicidal solution for Israel. We have survived the dreams of genocidal maniacs who sought but failed to enact a “Final Solution.”

Israel has learned the hard way that antisemites are fueled by hate. They are not inspired by peace. They are inspired by war with their sworn enemy. Hamas proudly says that while Israelis love life, they love death.

The hate fostered by generations of Arabs bred on hatred of Jews has exploded onto the streets of Manhattan, in the borough of Brooklyn, and throughout Jewish neighborhoods of LA. Jews are being attacked not only in Europe, but in the United States. Hamas’ pledge that Israel shall be free from the river to the sea is not limited to Israel. The hatred inspired by that odious slogan has overlapped to include not just Israeli Jews, but all Jews.

Israel, the one tiny Jewish State represents a safe haven for Jews. It is also seen as a symbol of Jewish strength, perseverance, and independence. The antisemitic ‘pro- Palestinian,’ anti-Israel demonstrators do not want Jews to ever feel safe, strong, or independent. They have linked themselves with Marxist causes which are laced with antisemitism. They are being bolstered by Democrats in Congress who condemn Israel, the victims of aggression, and condone Hamas, the actual aggressors. Antisemites seek to rid the world, beginning but not ending with Israel, of Jews. In the present climate they are bolder than ever.

We live in the most powerful and the freest country on earth. For Jews to be attacked here, is something we never could have expected. At the same time, ‘Something smells rotten in Denmark’ when members of US Congress, aka “the Squad,” can freely justify the actions of Hamas, almost as if to imply official sanctioning of a terrorist group committed to wiping out the Jews. By extension doesn’t looking the other way, as many of our leaders are doing, while vile things are said in Congress against the tiny Jewish state of Israel, also imply official sanctioning, if not tacit approval, of antisemitism? Can Jews no longer feel safe even in America?

Jews are being attacked verbally and physically by Jew-haters who think that even our tiny Jewish homeland, no bigger than the state of New Jersey, is simply too much space in the world for the Jews to “occupy.”

Jews in our cities have been spat on, cursed at, told to go back to “the oven,” and physically attacked. While some of our leaders offer tepid protestations, too many are silent. Is their silence a sign of tacit approval, or do they fear reprisals from cancel culture of the Progressives and Marxists in the Democrat Party who have linked their causes with BDS and even with Hamas?

How can we allow this to happen, yet again? Where are our leaders who will speak up unequivocally for Israel and for the Jews?

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Ettie Kryksman is a teacher and free lance writer who whose articles have appeared in various publications.
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