Is World heading to new Global Conflict ?

The world, we are living is undergoing a dramatic shift in the center of gravity from West to East. Such change appears chaotic to the Trump’s administration, and a source of hope to the indigent and penurious economies. From the Asian’s perspective, no doubt, China’s hegemony, will balance power, however to the what degree or extent, is still an open question, to policymakers and practitioners, all over the world.

World is cyclic with respect to some phenomena or events. Will the history repeat the cold war between US and Soviet Union? The answer to the question is multifold. China, unlike the Soviet Union, even to this date, are projecting its economic, and financial influences. Its mega project like BRI, has plausibly been aiming to enhance connectivity and cooperation among its stockholders, while supposedly nothing to do with geopolitics. Interesting!

The current trade war between the US and China, while affecting the health of global economy, also pulling the Europe, to take side.

Trump’s administration should welcome China’s robust role, as it is yet not appearing like Soviet Union. I put here an assumption, may be an amateur one: China led developments may push the world to a certain pinnacle (first fold), and the US take on the it, and raise to the ultra-apogee, while assuring either interests. The point is that the confrontation and competition may be converted to cooperation, that may strengthen the health of economy. If the equilibrium remains perennial, then imagine the world that time.

However, staunch tariff imposition from Trump side, on Chinese products, is just the manifestation of Trump’s campaign of making “America First”. As an election’s campaign factor, it may presumably be forecasted that US is on the easy track of nationalism, basing on the “America White again”.

The runner up counterpart of America—China— is yet to enduring some grim holistic challenges. China’s Stalinism is even better than the authoritarianism of Asian’s countries. For the case, Hong Kong—an economic giant, and site of foreign direct investment—seems incompatible to the China model of development, for inhabitants there has been protesting for freedom. Better Beijing deal the crisis, strengthen the China’s model. In addition, Beijing is still in inarticulate mode in terms of, letting world to understand its way of leaderships.
US, if precipitately, is continuing a trade war, which is then likely to convert into a new cold war. In latter case, a path is arguably heading to a global conflict.

About the Author
Irfan Khan is an Islamabad based writer. He has written for Daily Time, Global Space Village, Modern Diplomacy, Tuck Magazine, Eurasia Review and CGTN.