ISIS as Top Performer

Let’s say ISIS produced a top performing car at a very moderate price rated AAA by Consumer Reports.

Would you buy it?

It’s likely some, even many people would.

Or it turns out that Waze was owned by the Caliphate, and not by an Israeli company or Google. Would you stop using it?

Here too, many people would continue using it, not oblivious to the fact that it generates revenue for these be-headers, but merely feeling a world distance away that ISIS doesn’t affect them. Right now at least.

How should we react to newly released information that Israeli athletes murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Olympics in 1972 were first brutalized and mutilated?

Should we be repulsed at the German officials for withholding this information from athletes widows and the Israeli government for decades?

Can Black September, Hamas, Hezballoh or terrorist Palestinians occupy a more repugnant state of being in our collective Jewish thought as savages lionized for brutality? Which sane parent knowingly permits their eleven year old child to commit suicide?

If castration is the work of freedom fighters than be-headings celebrate radical Islamists escape from anonymized status ‎to icons of evil.

It is difficult to shout out when few are listening.

It may be more constructive to whisper inwardly where only one has to hear.

Twenty years ago, eulogizing my father-in-law, I declared that we could forgive the Nazis in fifty generations for the evil they perpetrated on our tribe.

Does the release of gruesome details on how the courageous athletes in Munich were killed more than 40 years ago, two generations, make me start the count over?

Or do I have only forty eight generations left?

The vast majority of Palestinians have never, and we needn’t expect to ever apologize for their brutalities. We needn’t grapple with soul searing guilt if we have to forgive and forget how in the name of so-called “freedom” they brutalize and murder our family members in Argentina, India, Paris, New Zealand, ‎and of course Israel.  Let G-d quickly make martyrs of every Arab who wishes to be so by taking back his soul in His immediate instant.

Israel is that faraway place where bad things happen to other people.

Until Spain.

Until Paris.

Until San Bernardino.

Until London.

Until Times Square.

I may have glassware ‎in my home that is made in Germany, and I can’t judge the increasing number of young Jews buying the finest German cars. Memories are very personal. You can share memories but every individual owns his own memory.

ISIS is generating $1Billion a year selling terrorist begotten oil. That is how they fuel their killings across the civilized globe. If you own a gas station or a home fueled by #2 heating oil and ISIS offered to sell you oil at $25cents a gallon would ‎you buy it when all your neighbors weren’t looking?

It’s time for the world to get much more aggressive against ISIS.

Less talk more aggressive, because it’s not about cars and Waze and heating oil. It’s about coffins.

About the Author
David Mandel is Chief Executive Officer of OHEL Children's Home and Family Services in New York