ISIS is preparing the attack against Europe and the Christians

An order to launch an immediate attack to the world in which we live has been issued. Since yesterday, ISIS militants received an exciting command through two videos, and a tweet: kill, and kill yourselves. The Islamic State –as the video says in response, two days ago, to the Obama’s preparation of an international action against ISIS – “is resisting, in spite of your conspiracies, weapons, and stockpiled ammunitions”.

Now we are going to react, says Al Baghdadi’s organization, and calls upon the fighters: “Identify your targets, prepare car bombs, explosives, and suicide belts, so as to hit hard and break some heads”. The first video shows a wide range of enemies in the background, from Obama to Abdullah, to Cameron. The tweet warns Egypt to expect a surprise, while asking the Muslim Brotherhood to form an alliance with ISIS. The second one shows a black flag as it wraps and swallows up the American, Israeli, German, and British flags.

The theoretical background is clear: ISIS decided long ago not to be content with the Middle Eastern perimeter. Actually, it discovered that both the raising number of its recruits and its success are tied to the broadening of its horizons.

The more that fierce adventure sinks its teeth into the Western reality, which they deem sinful, uncomfortable, and even grim, the more the younger generation feels the urge for it. ISIS’ goal, as clearly stated by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, the caliph of beheadings and children killings, is not only to establish a state in Iraq and the Levant, as he used to say until some months ago: since last June, Al Baghdadi has a much wider Islamic State in mind, and on the tip of his gun. And he wants to pay us a visit. At the time, his speech was translated in English, French, German, Turkish, Russian, and Albanian. The underlying slogan was: “Rush O Muslims to your state” or, in other words, “leave your roots behind, and expand your power over the world we are entitled to”. He has in mind, as also Bin Laden did, the Umayyad Empire, from 661 to 750, and then the Abbasid one, and he does remember very well the 623 years of the Ottoman Empire too, which extended from the outskirts of Vienna and Poland through Azerbaijan, the Balkans and, obviously, the whole Middle East until 1922. Madrid first, but also Rome, Paris and London are now in the perspective of any follower of the re-conqueror Islam, while also India and the Far East are a target.

As the capital of Christianity, Rome is a primary land to be conquered. This has been announced not only by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, but, for instance, also by Al Qaradawi, historical leader of Al Qaeda, and by Yunis Al Astal, a well-known Hamas preacher. All of them promised the certain conquest of the “capital of Christianity and of Crusaders”. How realistic is that order to attack? Judging by the past, we are vulnerable, and the forces of the Islamic terrorism have a very wide distribution.

The terror attacks in Madrid (191 victims, in 2005), and in London (52 victims, the same year) are the major ones, and it is impossible to forget that Mohamed Atta, one of the top terrorists of 9/11 lived in Hamburg. And is also impossible not to keep in mind Theo van Gogh’s murder. The more recent ones are typical ISIS attacks: as in May, when the 29 years-old jihadist Mehdi Nemmouche killed four people in the Jewish Museumin Brussels, later turning out to be the jailer and torturer of James Foley and Steven Sotloff in Syria. This is just one of the 700 cases of young people now at war that may be coming back in France, and import Islamist militancy; Great Britain has 400 similar cases, Germany 270, and Belgium 250. Before Nemmouche, Mohammed Merah killed seven people in a Jewish school in France; three of them were children. In London, and again in Paris, in a three-day sequence in May, 2013, two attackers tried to cut the throats of two soldiers from their respective countries with a clever.

Nemmouche is also said to have planned a major attack to be carried out in the Champs-Élysées on July, 14. The police forces are in alert, the secret services worldwide are exchanging information, Obama sounded the charge… the jihadist doctrine pushes to bring the attack to the enemy, in order to terrorize him, prevent him from reacting, inducing him to lock himself in his own house, as Tanzim and Hamas tried to do with Israel during Intifada, when everything was blowing up. But those suicide attackers were defeated, thanks to a precise analysis of the facts, of the origins of terror, and of its distribution. If we do not surrender to fear, it is still possible to win. If a verb like this is still in use, of course.

This article originally appeared in slightly different form in Italian in Il Giornale (September 14, 2014)



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Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.
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