Year 2021: The Caliphate Vs. Israel

Reuters/AP June 3, 2021

The UN Commissioner for Human Rights condemned Israel today. She said ‘Israel is to be condemned in the strongest terms for refusing to protect Palestinians. Israel should provide Palestinians the same protection as Israelis. As a direct result of Israeli actions, millions of innocent Palestinian civilians are in danger of being slaughtered by the army of the Caliphate.’

The Jordanian government set up by the Muslim Brotherhood looked shaky from the beginning, say experts. Even though the assassination of King Abdullah last year seemed to satisfy Islamic demands, Jordanian traditions of women’s rights remained. As a result the Caliphate attacked, routed a demoralized Jordanian Army, and raised their black flag over Amman.

Millions of Palestinians have fled west across the Jordan to shelter behind the Israeli defensive fence in the Jordan valley. This fence, called by the UN yet another Israeli apartheid wall, is designed to be a tripwire rather than a formidable barrier. So Palestinian refugees heading for Israeli shelter may have only a brief period of security.

President Clinton has condemned the attack by the Caliphate Army, but reaffirmed the US policy established by her predecessor of non-involvement in the Middle East. ‘The citizens of the former countries of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon chose through their submission to embrace the Caliphate. Who are we to disagree with this freely expressed choice?’ she said.

Although Saudi Arabia and most of the oil-exporting Emirates have announced an oil embargo against the US and Europe in protest, it is not expected that this will have any impact. The US of course is now self sufficient in energy from fracking and alternative fuels.

Most European governments have also confirmed their policy of non-involvement. The British PM, Ali Hassoun, said that he is hurt by the Saudi attitude, given all that Britain has done to satisfy Saudi requests for equal status of Sharia law in the United Kingdom. European stocks dropped by 50% across the board on fears of an economic crisis from the shortage of oil.

Russia however sees this an opportunity to get back into the Middle East following the loss of its client state, Syria. It see Israel as a natural ally, given close ties with the economically successful Russian community in Israel. Right now President-for-Life Putin is engaged in talks with Israeli PM Lieberman. On the agenda are more supplies of the successful smart ground attack robots developed between Israel Military Industries (IMI) and Russia’s Almaz-Antey.

Both India and China are taking more cautious attitudes. Obviously they are concerned about their hugely profitable partnerships with Israel in technology, and both have been very damaged by Islamic insurgency. India in particular, following the implosion of Pakistan into a set of warring Muslim factions, has little to offer in direct military support since its army is fully occupied on India’s Western border.

Turkey of course is in a perilous situation. It is no longer in NATO. It has been demoralised by the unification of its Kurdish provinces into Kurdistan. Natural gas and oil supplies from Russia, Israel, and Kazakhstan are diminishing. And many Muslims in Asian Turkey (although not Arabs) are, after a generation of strict Islamicisation by PM Erdogan, listening favourably to the message of the Caliphate.

It is now even rumoured that the two most powerful armies in the region, the IDF and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (both with unacknowledged nuclear weapons) are exchanging intelligence about the Caliphate Army, Unlikely as this collaboration may seem, both countries are expected to soon be in at war with the Caliphate.

The most surprising event, however, has been the reaction of the Islamic State of Gaza. They have agreed to accept the right of Israel to exist, have placed its fighters in special units under the control of the IDF, and are negotiating to extend Israeli citizenship to all Gazans.

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