Rick Meghiddo
Architect and a filmmaker of architecture documentaries.

Israel 75: A Normality Lo-Normali

View from Tel Aviv University Campus
Israel 75 Poster

The short documentary accompanying this blog shows Israel’s multi-layered complexity. As an architect, my observations mostly look at the environment, the diversity of people, and some selected works of architecture. For many Israelis, the images may reflect “a normality – lo-normali” that they witness daily. For those learning about Israel through the media, it may offer a different point of view.

Israel’s 75th year happens while there is turmoil within and without Israel. From within, democracy is in peril. Its check and balance laws are under attack. From the outside, Israel must confront viral anti-Semitism, frequently masquerading as anti-Zionism and a conspiracy of delegitimization. The country remains subjected to two mutually contradictory narratives.

About the Author
Rick / Reuven Meghiddo is an architect and a filmmaker of architecture documentaries. His mission is to make the public aware of the importance and value of architectural design. To date, he has produced over one-hundred architecture documentaries. Many can be seen on and In 2022 he was an Award Winner of film festivals in Sidney and in Dubai. As an architect, he practiced in Israel, California, and Italy. Born in Argentina, Rick studied at the Technion and married Ruth Meghiddo, an architect in Jerusalem. He has a Master of Architecture from UCLA and a Dottore in Architettura from the University of Rome. He is an LEED Accredited Professional and is licensed as an Architect and as a Real Estate Broker in California. He is also an accredited journalist.
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