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Israel and the MMR-Autism Debate!

Israel, the country renowned to be on the forefront of science, does not appear to have done its due diligence regarding the MMR vaccine and its controversial connection to autism.

The significant outbreak of measles in the U.S. this year has given rise to the debate regarding mandatory vaccinations. The American public seems to have lost its confidence in the CDC (Center For Disease Control) who continues to dispense the measles shot via a 3 in one vaccine. The issue might well disappear overnight if the vaccine was dispensed via a single shot.

Mandated? The MMR has been mandated for years. Single shots became obsolete here in 1998- no where to be found!

Japan removed the MMR vaccine in 1993 after a record number of children developed non-viral meningitis. They did not track autism outbreaks. Today in Japan people pay for the single shot. A 2012 review of global statistics estimated that autism spectrum disorders in Japan had an approximate rate of 62 cases per 10,000 people.

Israel has chosen not to mandate the MMR vaccine, though it still administers it, it has a slower, yet increasing rate of autism.

1998 was the first year the U.K. dispensed the MMR vaccine, following which a cluster of cases of autism appeared in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Thereafter, British mothers traveled to Paris where children were inoculated via a single shot of the measles vaccine.

During the1980’s the statistics for autism in Britain and America were lower, one in 2500. By 1998 it had jumped to one in 146. Today one in 68 suffers from autism, and one in 42 are boys. By 1992 over 90 percent of children in the U.S. had been administered the vaccine.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, of the Royal Free Hospital in London, found that 150 post MMR autistic children harbored the measles virus in their gut. They suffered from inflammatory bowel disease, (IBD) which he identified as “autistic enterocolitis.” He reported his findings in The Lancet Journal as early as February 28,1998. He was subsequently ostracized by the medical community and lost his job at The Royal Free Hospital. His studies have been validated since via whistle blower Dr. William Thompson at the CDC, who revealed that the CDC had covered up data linking autism to the MMR vaccine.

The following interviews should be viewed by every parent:

The following link explains Dr. Wakefield’s findings that the younger the age of immunization the greater the likelihood of autism. The CDC buried these findings:

There was a 340 percent higher risk of autism when given MMR at an early age.

Some in the medical world continue to disavow the legitimacy of Dr. Wakefield’s and Dr. William Thompson’s findings, claiming, particularly in the black community where autism is more rampant, that parents didn’t visit their pediatrician prior to discovering the mandated school requirement for their child to be immunized. Had their children been seen earlier the doctor would have discovered that the child was already autistic. I find this train of thought to be particularly offensive. All parents, whatever their color, can decipher the difference between a socially apt, responsive child to one who has physical and verbal difficulties following a vaccine. Mothers are not against inoculating their children. They have immunized them for well over 50 years. Fathers too have shown distress and concern, but the medical community has attempted to have this appear as a “mother’s” issue, and bury it in the old adage that mothers are simply unscientific, uneducated and naive regarding the status of their children, even when their child suddenly cannot speak!

The late Dr. Bernadine Healy, who headed the National Institute of Health (NIH) was interviewed in 2011:

“There remain far too many parents convinced their children regressed to autism after the MMR shot, and the government continues to ignore their concerns, to the detriment of public health. I think the government,” Dr. Healy said in her CBS interview, “or certain health officials in the government, have been too quick to dismiss the concerns of these families without studying the population that got sick. I haven’t seen major studies that focus on three hundred kids who got autistic symptoms within a period of a few weeks of a vaccine. I think that the public health officials have been too quick to dismiss the hypothesis as irrational, without sufficient studies of causation. I think we are saying, that public health officials have ‘turned their backs on a viable area of research, largely because they’re afraid of what might be found!”

Dr. Wakefield also found that the mumps vaccine, when administered via the MMR, was entirely ineffective once the child reached adolescence. Children who were not administered any mumps vaccine were found to be better protected from mumps than those who were previously administered MMR.

In 2011 Israel had a disturbing outbreak of mumps. 5,000 adults, 40 percent of them 15 years of age, contracted the virus. Dr. Wakefield researched booster shots for older children, which Israel contemplated, however, he found that those adults who had previously been inoculated via the MMR vaccine could no longer attain immunity via a booster shot.

In 2003 researches in Denmark studied the effects of Thimerosal (mercury) and wrote in The Medicine Report, “Mercury is a known neurotoxin. Placing it in maternal and infant vaccines is at best irresponsible, at worst criminal.” Yet the CDC, without any research, allowed mercury in vaccines for years. The FDA long ago alerted the public to the neurological affects of mercury in fish. Where was the CDC? Those countries which removed Thimerosal from their vaccines lowered their rates of autism.

Israel no longer uses Thimerosal in their vaccines.

What a pity Dr. Andrew Wakefield doesn’t head up the CDC. His “safety first,” policy would instill renewed confidence in the population, and immunizations would once more be viewed as a policy that saves lives, rather than one that might compromise the quality of them. Most are not aware that Dr. Wakefield’s research was perfectly valid. The CDC knows!! Why then does the CDC refuse to distribute the measles vaccine via a single shot? At the very least it would reassure the public. And why hasn’t the age of inoculation been delayed?

Clearly the CDC has failed us. We need to have trusted individuals overseeing the CDC, and we need to demand an end to the free hand pharmaceutical corporations have to research their own products.

Where has Israel been all these years? Isn’t it time Israel participated in this debate and researched the issues? This affects children throughout the world. Your voice, Israel, so often on the forefront of science, has sadly and tragically omitted itself from this discussion. Where O Israel art thou?

We can no longer remain silent, nor allow a fraudulent, irresponsible government agency to make decisions for our children when they heartlessly bury the facts. Children don’t yet have a voice, the CDC is evidently an unworthy one, and our voices have remained silent for far too long!

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