Israel and US build strategic partnership in technology innovation

Israel has always been one of the key players in the field of technology innovation. According to the Bloomberg Innovation Index, the country was ranked as the world’s fifth most innovative country in 2019. While the pandemic has taken a toll on the development of technology in the country, it still maintains its integral role in the advancement of global technology. So much so that America has taken note of their progressive advancement in technology and has now invited them to join the United States in a partnership, starting a dialogue between the two nations in technology.

Both countries are represented by their national security advisors in the upcoming Strategic High-Level Dialogue on Technology. Anne Neuberger, Israel’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology, will be spearheading the initiative alongside the US National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan.

The countries announced their intentions when current American president, Joe Biden, was on his way to Jerusalem in a bid to strengthen ties between the two countries. It was made clear that his visit wasn’t merely for leisure, but to show the nation how committed America is to forging a relationship with Israel, especially in face of deteriorating relations between Israel and China. At America’s insistence, Israel is being pressured into cutting back its ties with China, a country that they’ve been co-supporting since 1992. Israel is currently treading lightly, aware of the fact that if Israel were to antagonize China in the slightest, they might find themselves paying a hefty price, considering the fact that the free trade between the two countries is booming. Though, America’s hand in friendship is a promise to bolster the blow, if it were to ever come to that

While the goal of the Strategic High-Level Dialogue on Technology is honorable, with the betterment of technology on the global scale at their forefront, the fact that the United States have approached Israel is to express a special relationship between the two countries which supersede international agenda. It is a declaration of commitment from the two countries and their determination in tackling technological challenges head on. 

According to the joint statement released from the Biden Administration and the Prime Minister of Israel, Yair Lapid, the dialogue will put “Israel at the forefront of global innovation and solidifies its status as a leading technological power.”

The Israeli Prime Minister goes on to state the importance of this initiative with, “Our vision for one million [Israelis working] in hi-tech begins with international cooperation that will bring new opportunities for the hi-tech sector in Israel.”

The WhiteHouse has also released an announcement in regards to their upcoming dialogue, stating the importance of technological ties between the United States and its allies such as Israel. The purpose of this is to enhance innovative solutions in the global arena in order to tackle challenges that pose too much for any one nation to handle. Global warming is one of the most pressing issues that has come to light in recent years, with many countries leading initiatives in order to restore the world to a more balanced state. This takes place on many levels and it starts from the ground up.

Technology will play an integral role in building more sustainable practices and global cooperation is needed to enact a greener tomorrow. Aside from that, they have also agreed to “facilitate a high-level bilateral inter-agency dialogue led by the respective national security councils of the United States and Israel to enhance our collaboration on promoting and protecting critical and emerging technologies in areas of global concern”, as what appeared on the joint statement.

It is exactly these sentiments that have led multiple speculations that Israel is an up and coming leader in the space of creative technology innovation. But some of the areas which the two countries are focused on developing are being prepared for future pandemics, building a more sustainable ecosystem for technology’s exponential expansion, such as the implementation of DevSecOps or other operating processes, and forging a safe space for artificial intelligence to grow efficiently. Last but not least, the dialogue will also get the ball rolling on what can be done to move the world towards a greener state. Both countries will be dedicated to building towards the kind of technological advancements that can address climate change and provide solutions to a green earth.

Their first Strategic Dialogue on Technology will take place in Israel to discuss those four key points highlighted above. The second meeting will take place in 2023, on American soil. The two nations will alternate between the two countries in order to ensure their priorities are in the same place and to enact projects in an organized fashion. 

Currently, America has similar partnerships with allies, Japan, Australia, and Britain. Meanwhile, Israel has plenty of diplomatic ties to various nations when it comes to developing technology and the nation is currently poised to become America’s leading ally in tech and science, moving forward.

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