Israel apartheid, my tuches

Ready to see some apartheid?

Click on this link to see a beach in Tel Aviv filled with oppressed, downtrodden Muslims celebrating Eid El Fitr. Too bad they have to run home before their curfew. What, they don’t have a curfew? Ok, maybe this is a separate beach for Muslims to enforce segregation. It’s not? There is no such thing? But apartheid, genocide!

Later today I’ll be heading to a meeting at Hebrew University in Jerusalem which is a bastion of segregation and oppression. Wait, they reserve a certain number of spots in their medical program for Arab students as an affirmative action plan? The campus is full of Arab students? Bah, who cares, apartheid, genocide!

And yesterday my sister Deena and I had an awesome hummus lunch at a place in downtown Jerusalem, while a Muslim couple also enjoyed the hummus across the room. And then we walked through Jerusalem’s city center back to the Made in Jerusalem‬ hub, surrounded by Jews and Arabs. Same ol’, same ol’. Oh, and Made in Jerusalem has programs running in East Jerusalem to support Arab entrepreneurship. But apartheid, genocide!

And then I went home to my neighborhood in West Jerusalem, which is Arab-free. Wait, we have Arab neighbors down the street? More than one family? And nobody harasses them (more than anyone harasses anyone — after all, this is Katamonim)? But apartheid, genocide!

Down with the Zionists, those scumbags. If only they were gone, the Middle East would be perfect.

(This was written after I saw a terrible report on Channel 2 about the American Jewish students who support BDS against Israel. You can see the report in Hebrew here.)

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