Israel Can Drink Seawater!

Yasser Arafat was famous (or infamous) for saying often that the Israelis could “drink seawater.” This in response to efforts to bring the Arabs and Israelis to the negotiating table. The wily old PLO chief missed opportunity after opportunity to help turn the Middle East into the Utopia many feel it has the potential to be in time.

How ironic then that Israeli innovation now allows people to drink seawater! The arid terrain of Israel and surrounding countries has the potential to provide actual drinking water, thus alleviating a critical deficiency.

A new media campaign by Untold News, titled “Israel Is On It!” shines a spotlight on Israel’s amazing desalination processes.

With the theme that Israel indeed makes the world a better place, the campaign makes visitors to the website aware of little-known stories that present Israel in a much different light. From medical advances to agricultural innovation, Israel is not only improving the lives of people throughout the Middle East (including providing life-saving medical treatment for Syrian refugees), the tiny-dynamo-of-a-nation is a global force in helping mankind.

Marcella Rosen, President of Untold News, had a career in top management in advertising before founding Untold News in 2010 in response to a bias she perceived in media coverage of Israel. She has previously led two successful campaigns to change attitudes: Campus Tolerance Foundation, to combat anti-Israel propaganda on 20 college and university campuses; and the Deciding Vote, a campaign to get more women to vote in 1992. Prior to that, she was Director of Media Worldwide at N.W. Ayer.

Marcella is convinced that better PR can only benefit Israel, and I happen to agree.

“Israel Is On It ads spread the positive word of Israeli innovation and provide a crucial counterpoint to the often negative press about Israel in the media,” she says.

Among the innovations highlighted on the website is an example of how we can all be safer when traveling:

“Israeli tech companies are working on an airport system that can detect emotional strain in a passenger – a specific kind of strain that is associated with people who intend to commit an act of terror.

“WeCU (pronounced ‘We See You’) Technologies uses psychology and physiology to thwart evildoers. The WECU system puts subliminal images and remote sensors in the environment, causing wrongdoers to have involuntary reactions like raised blood pressure, increased heart rate or sudden, rapid breathing. These reactions are instantly picked up and analyzed in real time.

“WeCU has received a grant from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an agency of the U. S. Department of Homeland Security. Once implemented, WeCU technology will keep passengers in airports from Tel Aviv to Toledo a whole lot safer.”

The “Israel Is On It!” campaign turns the “drink seawater” pejorative into something else entirely. Thanks to Israel, people in the Middle East can quench their thirst with that same altered seawater!

Here’s to better days in Israel’s neighborhood!

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About the Author
A researcher, writer, and speaker, Jim Fletcher has a degree in journalism and spent 15 years in the book publishing world. He is director of the Christian apologetics group Prophecy Matters, and is a member of the executive committee for the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel (NCLCI).