Israel does have the right to exist

The world’s leading religions should look for ways to come together on all topics. Divides between organizations will always be there, but as an example, Benjamin Netanyahu was willing to speak with the disenfranchised groups of the Middle East whenever there were common issues. I feel it would be good for as many people of religious organizations to speak up soon.

The Soviet Union was one country which divided major blocs of the world especially Europe. Russia nowadays isn’t siding with anyone looking for peace though Israel with its open door policy may have excellent communication. A neutral country in some ways despite the topic of antisemitism in the world.

Israel does help out many Syrians which seem to go against the words spoken by Iran and its supporters. I wouldn’t want to be a global leader under the circumstances Israel has obtained. I also wouldn’t like to be viewed as Israel is by the many hostile people who proclaim a faith in God but don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist.

That would be enough mention of Israel as being a country which isn’t hostile to others in political voids. I would like to mention Judaism as a world religion with many followers and converts around the world. I currently practice the Christian faith with a leaning towards being interested in converting to Judaism. I have watched videos’ and read books on the religion which led to Christianity after the birth of Jesus.

On the monitor at my church where I love to worship, I found Israel mentioned in sermons or songs of worship and faith. Christians that don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist have rejected the first book of Christianity known as the Old Testament or Torah by Jews around the world. Why Christians would support actions against Israel including boycotts or resolutions is beyond me. We should look to be brothers and sisters in this world which had faith at one time.

There are many Christians you can recognize as supportive to Israel quite easily which I will give examples. The BDS movements not acknowledged by real Christians who often attend support Israel events or not get involved because of possibly leading to further unrest which leaves it up to leaders. I would love to participate in a support Israel or anti-BDS gathering except I don’t know where they are in my city.

Canada rejected the BDS movement which isn’t supported by all Muslim’s many being referred to as moderate. I feel there are many Christians who support peaceful lives and coexistence between all faiths. Not many Muslim groups identify persons not belonging to their organization as infidels.

It is possible to have more interfaith conferences where we look at the similarities of humans who lovingly coexist. We look at religion as the culture which does have some protections in Canada USA and Europe. Let’s offer protection to all who refer to a Higher Power or to those that have stated nonaggressive beliefs around the world.

It has been noticed by me fairly regularly in my city that many Muslim people will make a gesture such as a nod or a smile when walking past. I don’t see that happen in too many instances with non-Secular people. I have seen secular Jewish people as well as Christians in traditional clothes such as Hutterite or Mennonite as examples doing the same.

Many people walk the walk not talk the talk which seems to return once again with the rise or respect or wanting respect from secular religions. I value my neighbors when they are peaceful friendly or just. Watching out with interest for the well-being of neighbors is institutionalized in religious faith.

I won’t speak of other religions in this article because I don’t have contact with that many people who follow other religions. In the past, I have felt a kinship with members of the Sikh faith in another part of the country. I have not stopped feeling that way despite losing touch in the primary.

The USA referred to as the Land of Brotherly Love which inherited by many Americans who become the friendly keepers of safety when they serve in wartime. America is at war often, but the soldiers who often show up on television addresses by President’s past and present seem very spiritual. I don’t see those that serve our countries as anything but dutiful loyal and courageous.

Religion shouldn’t need protection from those that serve because for me churches were open 24 hours growing up. They were called sanctuaries or safe havens from oppression hate and violence. Tolerance is in most faiths I have encountered. We should remember this when we look at people in our neighborhoods who most likely worship differently than ourselves.

The right to exist is a fundamental belief necessary to deserve to be considered humans as stated by myself when speaking of faith in culture. The Holy land is still in good hands I believe except when the entrance to other religions gets denied.

We should share our cultural heritage and religion to anyone interested in such belief. We will never shut the doors on Mosques Temples Churches or any worship center in Canada or the USA unless a majority of worshippers has broken the countries laws.

We can’t look over our shoulder every time we feel close to someone different in faith race or traditional clothing. I am not against any religious dress I have seen in Canada, so hopefully, a message can begin here.

Let’s all worship together someday in a mutually agreed upon statement by a world leader. I don’t know who would be up to that, but maybe every year it could be someone else’s turn to offer healing and warm wishes to all. I hope this article will fall upon open ears in many countries one day.

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Jacob Deveaux's in depth spiritual research compels him to write to interested people. He has presented spiritual topics to many on life's issues. Judaism is the base religion with the Torah being the Old Testament accepted by Christians. He will present spiritual topics through the Times of Israel.
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