Israel does not owe its authority to the UN

Yesterday marked a significant day in Jewish history when 70 years ago the UN essentially voted for the creation of the Jewish State of Israel. How sad it is then that 70 years later the Israeli Supreme court enforced the destruction of Jewish homes in this same state, even though so many Jews, religious and non religious were passionately against it.

But I wanted to say that Israel doesn’t exist because of the UN vote – a vote the Arabs whine about constantly, even though they utterly and completely rejected it, yet still ironically want it enforced.. The UN didn’t create Israel – it was created by a force far more powerful and doesn’t owe its existence to that vote.

Because Israel was created thousands of years earlier when Abraham, the first Jew, made his life there. It is the birthplace of the Jewish people, our nation, our culture, our traditions and every inch is steeped in our history.

God promised it to us. Moses led us there. Joshua conquered it. King David unified it, making Jerusalem our capital 3000 years ago. The Babylonians sent us into exile. The Romans conquered and expelled us, but we never relinquished our rights. Throughout the ages, we never forgot and we always endeavoured to return, year after year and year. In the 1800s we began the long return with a renewed sense of vigour, joining others who were already here. We were a people without power, yet we conquered the land, not with weapons, but with plows and rickshaws. Agriculture was renewed and towns rose from the revitalised soil, built with love and joy and care, honouring our promise from the so distant past that remained as fresh as the morning dew.

Israel is alive today, not because of the UN, but because of the devotion that Jews have given through history, paid for by blood and sweat and tears.

Israel exists because of the Jewish people and the beliefs we have always held onto.

That is the only authority we’ll ever need.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.