Israel doesn’t have to take it anymore

Murder is illegal under international law. So why does the international community usually look the other way when Palestinian terror organizations like Hamas and the PLO murder Jews? Why does the EU, U.S. State Department, and the UN call upon us to exercise the maximum restraint in defending ourselves against murderers? Yet when terror strikes the United States or in the heart of Europe, those who try to shackle our self-defense efforts all of a sudden use overwhelming force to neutralize terrorism against their own countries?

France has declared a state of emergency after the Paris attacks of a week ago. There has been talk of expelling foreigners who might be a threat and stripping dual-nationals involved in terror plots of their French citizenship. Emergency powers permit the banning of travel in certain areas, undertaking searches without a judge’s approval, and making arrests when there is even suspicion of terror involvement. In short, the French are not going to take it anymore. What is good for France under international law in its fight against terror is good for Israel.

On Sunday, Ismail Haniyeh, the deputy leader of Hamas, outlined to the Palestine newspaper his strategy for the destruction of Israel through what he calls the ongoing Al-Quds Intifada. He wants Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to coordinate the killing of Jewish civilians.

Haniyeh’s first goal is the liberation of Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. Afterwards, he plans to liberate the rest of Palestine, which means the destruction of Israel. How long would the French put up with such talk if it were directed against France?

All of these threats of violence from Haniyeh is just a continuation of the aggression of Hamas when more than 10,000 rockets were launched at Israeli civilians from the Gaza Strip. Scores of Israelis were killed and more than 1,900 were wounded. Remember the psychological trauma that Israeli children in the south suffered?

Enough is enough. We cannot continue to serve as targets of Palestinian terror while France rids itself of its terrorist threat. It is time for terrorists to be treated like the international criminals they are. It is time for Hamas to be disbanded. It is time for Haniyeh to go.

Mahmoud Abbas admitted Tuesday night in an interview on Channel 10 that he had rejected “out of hand” Ehud Olmert’s 2008 offer for Israel to withdraw from the entire Old City of Jerusalem, including the Kotel, and from 93.7 percent of Judea and Samaria. The Western Wall, the most sacred site for Jews, would have been put under international control. Olmert also had offered to give the Palestinians part of Israel proper to compensate for the small areas we would have kept from the West Bank.

This admission by Abbas that he rejected a Palestinian state and peace with Israel proves that he doesn’t want a Palestinian state if a Jewish state continues to exist. According to the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, 63 percent of Palestinians oppose holding peace talks with Israel. Abbas is just being true to the wishes of most Palestinians. He is just being faithful to what Fatah and the Palestine Liberation Organization have always been. It is time for Hamas and the PLO to go.

Organizations that rule through intimidation, extortion, and murder are not legitimate no matter how often the Carter Center may support, sanction or certify them. It is time for Hamas and the PLO to be disbanded and their terrorist leaders arrested. It is time for all terror leaders to go.

Mahmoud Abbas was elected to serve until January 9, 2009, but has remained in office as a dictator ever since. According to a survey by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, some 58 percent of Palestinians want him to resign. The United Nations, the United States, and the European Union support this dictator, contrary to the wishes of the majority of Palestinians, because they believe that there is no acceptable alternative to Abbas and the PLO. Really? It is time for the PLO and Abbas to go.

The US, the UN, and the EU claim that they support democracy and human rights? Yet Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestine Liberation Organization have always enjoyed a kind of immunity against prosecution for their abuses. It is time for the PLO and Abbas to go.

There are over 200 territorial disputes around the world. The Kurds yearn for independence and self-determination while Turkey occupies northern Cyprus and the Russians occupy the Crimea. Even Muslims of large areas of major European cities want independence so they can exercise self-determination according to Sharia law. Yet Israel is the only nation under continuous condemnation and constant pressure by the international community to relinquish Judea and Samaria that we have called our homeland for 4,000 years? UN, US, and EU hypocrisy have to stop.

Why does the international community treat Israel this way? Because Mahmoud Abbas is their darling. Pope Francis called him an “angel of peace” when he visited the Vatican in May. Really? On September 16, he said on Palestinian television, “We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem.” Thus, he gave official presidential sanction to the Palestinian murder of innocent Jewish civilians from then until now. It is time for the PLO and Abbas to go.

Mahmoud Abbas will never make peace with a Jewish state because he and his cronies are regularly paid millions of dollars by international donors to terrorize Israelis in the hope that we will eventually leave. If Hamas and the PLO were disbanded and their terrorist leaders arrested, truly democratic and peace-loving Palestinians could come forward without fear of assassination. It is time for the PLO and Abbas to go.

Mahmoud Abbas hasn’t changed a bit from the days when he was reportedly the fundraiser for Black September’s 1972 Munich Massacre. If he was indeed guilty, then it is time that he is brought to justice for that crime and for all the crimes he has committed since. He’s the same terrorist leader that he’s always been. He carries on the tradition of Haj Amin al-Husseini and Yasser Arafat with pride and gruesome efficiency. He has been unmasked. It is time for him to go.

It is time for Israel to fight terrorists and terrorism with the same efficiency used by the French, Russians, and Americans. It is time for Hamas and the PLO to be disbanded. In the name of humanity, it is time for all terrorist leaders and terrorists to go. Israel doesn’t have to take it anymore.

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Yoeli Kaufman earned his bachelor’s degree in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and then worked as an analyst and Arabic translator for U.S. Army Intelligence. His master’s degree was in Educational Administration from Temple University in Philadelphia. Eli now regularly writes for the Jerusalem Post, the Times of Israel, and Diario Judío México.
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