Israel, Eisner, and the ISM

And so the latest episode in the Netanyahu nightmare unfolds, with a new low reached showing that Israel does not give any of its soldiers, no matter how experienced, the benefit of the doubt if they happen to fall foul of Bibi and Barak’s unwritten rules of PR…

Note a story currently raging in Israel at the moment when a gang of professional agitators from abroad were allowed to enter Israel looking for a fight; something they could record on camera to create the kind of propaganda coup and international incident we’re currently experiencing.

Now, an IDF officer by the name of Shalom Eiser finds himself suspended (and possibly relieved) from his duties for striking a Danish protest tourist. This after two hours of the protesters not obeying those soldier’s instructions, and after the youth in question broke the officer’s fingers with a stick.

Of course, as per the agitators training, a camera was on the whole time and the event was captured for the world to see. Not the whole event, of course, just the bit with the officer striking the ‘protester’.

These aren’t new tactics for these foreign agents who have made an industry out of venturing into Jewish towns and villages, insulting, haranguing, and helping Arabs steal water, all to provoke Jewish victims to retaliate, thereby giving these activists what the European and US State Dept. pay professional NGO propagandists to do; produce ‘evidence’ of Jewish ‘settlers’ wrongdoing, which these governments then use to condemn Israel with.

But with Israel’s current political and military leaders, this made no difference. The Israeli elite’s retribution was swift, in much the same way Israeli leaders condemned the price tag arson of a mosque, without evidence (which was later revealed to have been Arab on Arab violence), Bibi and Barak sung in perfect harmony with the media in condemning Lt. Col. Eiser, before the IDF investigation was even concluded providing Israelis with yet more evidence that not only is the Netanyahu regime acting in the best interests of Israel’s enemies, but it will not back up any IDF soldier no matter how high their rank or what their level experience, should they get into any trouble.

But in contrast to the contempt with which our leaders have shown one of its officers was the effect of the incident on Israelis. People were overjoyed to see one of many protest tourists finally get what they deserved.

But underneath, this wasn’t an outpouring of malice with some sort of mob vying for blood; this was an emotional outburst of a nation in pain, releasing a torrent of frustration and upset. This is tension pent up from over 3 years of seeing leftists attempt to help the Arabs start an intifada, but not face any penalties. More than 3 years of seeing Israeli Arab MKs take part in terror operations and meet with members of Hamas, while at the same time Israelis hear of increasingly harsh measures for those who stand up for themselves against those same terrorists, not to mention cover ups of actual terrorist attacks. More than 3 years of Bibi saying one thing about Israel’s security, while actively working to implement the kind of dangerous policies Ehud Barak would be proud of.

After Israelis endured these scenes for years, one little incident released all this frustration. The soundtrack of the video with the officer was replaced with Michael Jackson’s song ‘Beat It’, in a typically bombastic show of defiant Israeli humour. One thing was clear; Israelis are hurting and hurting bad.

In a brilliant and witty op ed by popular Israeli pundit, Ben-Dror Yemini, he wrote in Hebrew that ‘we’ve gone mad’ and that Israel’s media had cooperated with Hamas and the European anarchists. But with respect to Mr. Yemini, ‘we’ haven’t gone mad. This is a fight to the death and the media and government’s actions are perfectly logical with those of an enemy. What is clear is that Israel’s secular elite, led by Bibi, Ehud Barak and Nitsan Alon are waging a war on anyone who holds even the slightest inclination towards Judaism (Lt. Col. Eisner is not orthodox, but religious).

The group behind this latest incident is called the ISM, which proclaims itself to be for human rights. They are for human rights in the same way Hitler claimed he was for human rights when he manufactured a propaganda campaign against Czechoslovakia, claiming that ethnic Germans in the Czechoslovak territory known as the Sudetenland were being oppressed. Of course, just like today’s ISM, that campaign was a thinly veiled excuse with an ulterior motive.

Warfare has changed in nature in recent years. Ask any veteran in Iraq, Afghanistan or Israel and they’ll tell you the enemy no longer wears a uniform. The same can be said of the group sent to cause trouble in Israel, the ISM. The international community funds them, therefore they are the international community’s proxy soldiers.

As such, our government, the Mossad, and shabak should work to categorise them as such, and evict them as diligently as the airport security did with the ‘flytilla’ protesters. But as the Netanyahu nightmare continues, we see enemy agents in Israel are given more excuses than Israeli citizens have rights.