Israel forms a new government: will the United States do the same?

Many Americans are disgusted and angered by the conduct of the Obama Administration over the last month. The adolescent “skipping school” prank by the President and other groupies was well noted by anyone with a soul and a brain. The ongoing pleading and begging with the Ayatollahs about Tehran’s nuclear program has consistently ignored the concerns and worries of the outlaw theocracy’s closest neighbors (and likely targets). Consistent jabber and blabber from Jen Psaki and Marie Harf still mystify and confuse anyone with more than a high school education as to how so many outright incompetents can get jobs in one administration and still stay on the public payroll. In the meantime the part-time President, whose appointment book has more open spaces than most National Parks, pursues the Alternate Media for favorable interviews. After YouTubing with one video celebrity who bathes in breakfast cereal, producing commercials for his social programs with “selfies”, and a recent interview with the Huffington Post (which has a really good section on UFO’s by the way)). The President blithely pursues his legacy of peace in his time with an agreement with Tehran that they will not produce a nuclear weapon. Or at least they will wait until his Library is built and he has that job as a commentator on ESPN. Chamberlain sought peace in our time (he didn’t get it). Obama isn’t greedy, he just wants a ten year head start.

The well received visit by PM Netanyahu was a historic event as anyone could admit. The absentees had other things to do and when history is written of that day they will have to switch the subject, or be taking Farsi 101. The parallels between Munich 1938 and Munich 2105 are bizarrely obvious. Too many Europeans thought they could deal with Herr Hitler. The White House thinks they will put away the turbans and beheading swords, put on suits and ties and grab a burger at the fast food chain and think our way. Perhaps a jobs program for retired Jihadists and Republican Guards is possible.

Deep at heart and very critical to the entire situation is the Constitutional crisis in America. Modern day Presidents have issued executive orders. Usually these are for extreme emergencies that might arise and a solution needs to be in place since such instances would interrupt the normal legislative process (sudden attack, earthquake or nuclear reactor event). Only since the current President has there been a series of these executive orders issued with the declared intent to subvert the Congressional duties of making laws and consenting to treaties. As President Obama stated ‘I have a pen and a phone”.

The recent open letter to Iran’s Ayatollahs by Senator Tom Cotton was declared treason by the Administration and the Democratic pawns in Congress. It was treason not to send it. The Congress is slowly awakening from a lethargy that is unprecedented in modern times. The world is moving too quickly towards a nuclear confrontation or series of them. The recent disclosure that Vladimir Putin openly discussed nuclear options in the Ukraine crisis was quickly passed over by the entertainment media here. The crisis is that serious an issue to Russia and as usual this Administration was “caught by surprise”. Iran’s centrifuges continue to spin in its bunkered facilities. If a deliverable warhead is not already ready it will be soon as diplomats dither and do photo-ops. The Congress must assert itself and the course of betraying Israel and our other real friends in the region must change. Time is on no one’s side.

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