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Israel gives Covid-19 a tough fight — what are the reasons behind it?

The world is lauding Israel for giving a tough fight to COVID-19. When some very developed nations are still struggling to make the ends meet, a small country like Israel has shown what diligence and determination can bring. Along with the season of beaches and sunscreen, Israel is celebrating yet another joy – Its victory against the pandemic.  

The credit goes to the amazing vaccination drive “Give a Shoulder” that began in December 2020. Led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the program resulted in vaccinating 64% of the general public and 90% of older people with the first dose of Pfizer’s two-shot COVID-19 vaccine in a mere six weeks.

Inflammation in human lungs, like that caused by a cytokine storm (sompong_tom via iStock by Getty Images)

As of today, Israel has got 56.8% of its total population fully vaccinated, beating the U.K. with 43.2%. Looking at the pace, the numbers may have spiked some more by the time you reach this post. The whole world is gaining inspiration from the little nation. When it comes to Israel, Galia Rahav’s words, “This is Israel. We have to be extreme in everything”, fits right.

The vaccine delivery deal that Israel made with Pfizer turned out to be a splendid act that transformed the very face of COVID in the country. In addition to that, the country played to its strengths, and put its highly efficient primary care structure to work. The majority of nurses in Israel came to the nation’s rescue, well-equipped and authorized. Some local organizations also joined hands with the system to complete the surplus work which catalyzed the process to a much faster pace.

Unlike many other nations, the attitude of the inoculation process is quite positive in Israel. People are supportive of the professional’s decision and hence, the catastrophe seems to have revoked its reign from Israel. Thanks to some prominent figures like Netanyahu who led campaigns to make the information about vaccination reach the masses at the right time. However, due to the layered society that Israelites dwell in, with some ultra-orthodox Jews and Arab communities, they might need a different approach to make these groups comply with the vaccination program.

There are several theories that try to explain Israel’s early success in immunizing its citizens. One of the factor groups suggests that the reason might be Israel’s small population size, young population and the nation’s vigorous emergency management system. The second group suggests the contribution of Israel’s well-developed medical infrastructure, availability of workforce and strongly tied-up bond of Israel’s medical system with the government. Yet another group emphasizes COVID-19 specific factors like special funding for the vaccination program, clear prioritization of different age groups, timely agreement with the supplier and effective mass communication as the reasons for Israel’s success. 

Until January, the country with 9.3 million populations was recording 10,000 cases a day. As soon as the effects of mass vaccination kicked in, Israel was ready to re-open its doors in a gradual manner. Today, Israel is all set to put its mask away. Cases have come down to a large extent, and the fear of the virus is steadily leaving people’s minds.

To this Shalom Yatzkan, a computer programmer who was quarantined after catching COVID says, “It’s nice not to have something on your face anymore”.

Israel is relishing its newfound freedom. Let’s hope that the rest of the world gets to taste it too. 

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