Israel Has a Foul Smell

Israel is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. It leads in the fields of science, hi-tech, medicine, aerospace, electronics, the environment and more.

Yet with as much brain power that Israel has, there is one area where Israel cannot hold its head high. In fact in order to understand the problem you have to look down. Yes down. Look down on the streets and sidewalks of Israeli cities and villages. Look down and be careful, because if you aren’t looking down, you just might step in the problem — feces.

Indeed, an honest assessment of the cleanliness of Israeli streets and sidewalks is they smell. One must almost constantly look down for fear of having the awful task of having to clean the you know what off the bottom of your shoe, before entering your favorite restaurant.

Trying to walk at night becomes an even more daunting task. You might find something attached to your shoe and not even know it until you open your front door and see everyone shriek when they catch the odor and see it coming off your shoe onto the living room or worse yet, kitchen floor!


Some might say there are laws against dogs defecating on public streets, sidewalks, parks and beaches. To that I say, great, but what good are the laws in they aren’t enforced? Besides, people who own dogs have a moral responsibility to clean up after their four-legged friends. It should also be a matter of community pride. Yet in Israel it seems these are lacking. People just shrug their shoulders and move on.  This is inappropriate and morally wrong.

If the authorities aren’t willing to enforce existing laws, they should be held accountable. Moreover, every dog owner should also be held accountable. The problem is disgusting, smelly, unhealthy, visually unattractive, and demonstrates a lack of respect for others. Why should dog owners allow their pets to ruin the environment for everyone else and get away with it?


If you are a dog owner, please take some pride in your community and respect the rights of others to walk on clean sidewalks, beaches and parks. If you see a dog owner walking away from a deposit their dog made, get out your cell phone take a picture and suggest they pick up after their dog. Threaten to post the picture on public bulletin boards, social media. Send it to the local authorities, my  gosh do something!

Many years ago the United States had a similar problem with soiled streets, etc. A nationwide campaign was mounted and today the streets, sidewalks, parks and beaches in the US are largely absent of what dogs ‘do.’  If a country of almost 4 million square miles and a population of over 300 million can clean up their streets, sidewalks, parks and beaches, why can’t Israel?

Nu, let’s ‘do’ something about it!

About the Author
Dan Calic is a freelance writer, history student and speaker.