Israel in 2023: A Poem

Our PMs indicted for breach of trust
What’s the solution? – the law he’ll adjust
No more independence for our court
Treating our rights like some kind of sport

He relies on support from Aryeh Deri
Who’s thinks Ohana a woman should marry
Thrice convicted of stealing your money
“Why not? We’re overflowing with milk and honey!”
Did God let him off with prayer and repentance?
Now we’ve a minister with a suspended sentence

Let’s turn our attention to UTJ
Their moral corruption is out on display
Goldknopf set up a string of charities
Lining his pocket through irregularities
He’s now running the ministry of housing
“There’s no housing problem!” – at best he’s been drowsing

Ben Gvir the hot head – brandishing guns
Smotrich to annex the occupation he runs
The army didn’t want racist Itamar
He stole the ornament from Rabin’s car
Bezalel’s a bigot with a finger on a pistol
Hates Arabs and gays, thinks the Torah is fiscal
Tweets “freedom of speech for only one side”
He risks an apartheid – immoral backslide!

Avi oh Avi with his secret lists
Of homos the deviants and all the peaceniks
Obsessed with what men do with their member
Such hatred and malice – what would Freud think of his temper?

Abraham and Sarah – turning in their graves
Watch out for the brain drain before we’re their slaves

About the Author
Originally from London. Father to 3 teenagers. Investment Manager.