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Israel Independence Day Quiz: How well do you really know Israel?

There is more to Israel than what you see in the news.

After reading headline after headline about conflict in the Middle East, many people are surprised to learn that, for the all the hype about Israel, this entire country is about the size of New Jersey.

Others are surprised to discover that many of the modern innovations that characterize our daily lives originate from Israel. Where would we be without USB flash drives? Drip irrigation? Waze? The numerous medical advances that save lives?

How well do you really know Israel?

To celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut, or Israel Independence Day, Retorno has created a quiz to find out how well you really know Israel.

You may consider yourself an expert… but are you really?

You may be surprised about some lesser-known facts about the Jewish State.

Israeli medical advances

Sure, you know about Israeli high tech (“start-up nation”), biotech, desalination, desert reclamation, reforestation, and the Western Wall. But, what do you know about Israel’s medical breakthroughs? What about the cutting-edge approaches to addiction and substance abuse recovery in Israel?

Israel stands out in a variety of fields, especially medicine. Here are a few medical breakthroughs Israelis have made in 2017 alone:

Artificial corneas: In Israel, an ophthalmic medical devices startup designed an artificial cornea to help the blind and visually impaired.

  • A synthetic compound to stop cancer: In 2017, an Israeli researcher designed a compound to disable the enzymes that allow cancer cells to metastasize. This compound causes the cancer cells to die and has been approved for clinical trials this year.
  • Screening babies for autism: An Israeli engineer discovered a way to screen newborns for autism. Early diagnosis and intervention before the age of two yields a 90% greater success rate in treatment.
  • Injection to melt body fat: A Jerusalem-based group of researchers created an injection that melts fat cells and postpones the proliferation of new fat cells. This has great implications for the obesity epidemic.
  • Renewing damaged cells: Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science discovered a molecule that seems to control the process of renewing heart muscle. Since heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, this discovery has the potential to impact millions.

Click here to read more about these and other medical advances Israelis made in 2017.

Israel advances in addiction recovery

Among Israel’s numerous medical advances are the cutting-edge treatment facilities for substance abuse in Israel. Israel boasts several top-notch residential rehab facilities, including Retorno, the largest Jewish organization in the world for the prevention and treatment of addictions.

Retorno treats every kind of addiction including alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, internet, sex, and food addictions. Retorno embraces a holistic approach combining the 12 Steps with a wide range of modalities for treating addiction, including group therapy, individual therapy, sponsoring, DBT, somatic experiencing, therapeutic horseback riding, animal-assisted therapy, empowerment workshops, and more. With these and other tools, Retorno’s programs boast a high success rate in treating addiction of every kind.

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Do you want to find out more about Israel that you may not see on the news?

Click here to test your knowledge about Israel. You may be surprised by what you learn!

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