Israel is donating essential supplies

Israeli Embassies donated supplies on behalf of MASHAV  and the people of Israel for several countries.   

Picture: MASHAV logo with Flag of Israel

MASHAV, Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with decisive actions around the world. MASHAV cooperated with Israeli embassies and donated several essential supplies including masks, hand sanitizers, and food products.

Since 1957, MASHAV has been sharing with the rest of the developing world the know-how and technologies which provided the basis for Israel’s own rapid development. MASHAV plays a significant role in assisting developing nations in their struggle with problems of poor health for children and family,  high level of illiteracy, and low status of women. In this current global crisis, MASHAV is supporting countries affected by the COVID 19. 

In Africa, the Israeli embassy in Nigeria donated protective masks to the Nigerian Ministry of Health. The masks donated to Nigeria were designed in Israel and manufactured using 3D printers in Nigeria. In Ivory Coast, Israeli Ambassador Leo Vinovezky donated essential supplies to the People of Ivory Coast and the Red Cross. In Rwanda, the Israeli embassy donated food products. In Ghana, the Israel Embassy donated essential supplies to the People of Ghana. In Burkina Faso, Israel’s honorary consul donated personal protection equipment and medical supplies to officials of the local Ministry of Health. In Kenya, the Israel Embassy donated personal protection equipment and food items.  

 In Asia, the Consulate General of Israel in Mumbai donated to the Government of Maharashtra and the voluntary sector in Mumbai sanitizers and automatic soap dispensing units.  In Uzbekistan,  Israeli Ambassador Eduard Shapira donated essential supplies to the People of Uzbekistan. The Ambassador of  Israel in Nepal Benny Omer delivered on behalf of MASHAV and the people of Israel preventive medical items to Nepal’s Minister of Health.

In Latin America, Israeli Ambassador to Guatemala, Mattanya Cohen donated essential supplies to the People of Guatemala. In Honduras, the president of MASHAV’s graduates Shalom Club in Honduras delivered a donation of personal protection equipment to the Honduras Minister of Health. 

In Oceania, MASHAV delivered preventive medical items to the island state of Palau. Similarly donated protective medical equipment to Papua New Guinea.

Furthermore, throughout the pandemic, MASHAV has been supporting thousands of professionals through online lectures. The three MASHAV centers, MASHAV Carmel Training Center (MCTC), MASHAV Agricultural Training Center (MATC), and The MASAHV Educational Training Center (METC) invited profound Israeli professionals to conduct online lectures and hold professional meetings with thousands of people from more than 100 countries. 

In conclusion, MASHAV is keeping the vision of Israel founding father David Ben-Gurion, who believed that “…the principles of mutual assistance and equality should also constitute the basis for international relations between people… [and] must be based on the solidarity of all human beings, derived from fraternity and mutual assistance in every sphere of life – the economic, social and scientific.”


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