Israel is honored in Brazil during Christian Parade

During the “March for Jesus”, a day long parade celebrated this Thursday (31), about two million people packed the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

As it happens every year, the event had music performances,  speeches by various religous and political leaders. But there was a noticeable difference in this edition.

Hundreds of Israeli flags were waved by participants. The name of Israel was mentioned many times and for the first time, since the Marcha started in Brazil, during th 1990s, jewish leaders were present.

The biggest evangelical gathering in the streets of Brazil paid homage to the 70th anniversary of Israel. The Consul General of Israel in Sao Paulo, Dori Goren, was called to the main stage, accompanied by his wife Cecília and Zelia Sliozbergas, president of B’nai B’rith in Sao Paulo.

Consul Dori Goren (center) and representatives of the Jewish community at the March for Jesus 2018

Goren thanked the evangelicals for supporting Israel, especially when the country celebrates its 70th anniversary. He also remenbered the role of Brazilian diplomat Osvaldo Aranha who played a crucial role at he UN session the stablished the creation of the State of Israel.

After saying that “the people of Israel bless Brazil and the evangelical people of Brazil,” Goren menrioned his expectation to see the Brazilian embassy transferred to Jerusalem soon. His request was followed by a lot of clapping and amens from the multitude.

Speaking to the Gospel Prime – the biggest Christian News outlet in Brazil – the Consul said that there is a “very important alliance between brazilian Christians and the State of Israel”. He believes that it was “a blessing to be able to see all the love brazilians showed for his country and it was a great opportunity to celebrate the friendship between the two peoples.”

About the Author
Jarbas Aragao is a Brazilian and US educated writer. He has worked as a translator and journalist. Also graduated in Theology, he runs Gospel Prime one of the biggest Christian News websites in Brazil. He is also a regular contributor to CBN/Mundo Cristiano.