Israel looks East: the right move at the right time.

The frightening image of two orange-clothed hostages kneeling as a brutal Caliphate Jihadist threatens them with a beheading knife is going viral as intended. There is no coincidence that the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Abe and a delegation of government officials and commercial representatives have been visiting Israel. One of the hostages is a journalist, the other is a freelance soldier, both are Japanese. The Caliphate has as its worldwide conquest goal the extinction of Israel, the Jews and all who will not submit to the 7th century Islam that drives them to vicious brutality. Yet the Western world still recoils in shock from the events in Paris and Belgium, and the war of conquest goes on in the Near East. Israel is planning ahead and looking East.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that the continuing Islammization of Europe and even of America gives him caution to develop alliances in the Far East. Successful trade and defense talks and negotiations with the Asian super-power India have opened up doors that show great promise for both Israel and India. As the Far East and Asia begin to assert their economic and military influence on the world Israel is seeing to the future. Europe is still in the throws of an economic decline that only keeps the Euro and the failing European Union concept alive on life support. Europe’s open door to immigration from former colonies has allowed an Islamic population to move in without any allegiance to their host country or any attempt at assimilation. Clusters of closely knit Muslim communities are developing and growing larger each week and Jihadist imams call for war against infidels. Politically correct and mostly inert governments watch in clueless amazement as their nations are taken over. Prime Minister Netanyahu has seen that Europe and now America will be only too glad to abandon Israel so as to keep the rising Muslim groups contented. The history of the Jews is too full of betrayal and abandonment to bear repetition.

India has already established trade and military purchases. India is a nation of over 700 million with at least 760 unique languages and cultures within its geopolitical borders. It is a vibrant democracy, high tech giant and a nuclear power. It has not only Muslim but Christian and Jewish minorities and a cultural history that is both complex and continuous. Largely equipped with Russian MiG and Sukhoi aircraft and in fairly recent war games, Indian Air Force aircraft bested the US Air Force in several categories. The new Prime Minister, Mr. Modi has visited Israel and a partnership based on mutual trust and benefit is growing rapidly. India’s high tech aptitude and well trained personnel make the defense technology cooperation a natural. Israel’s intellectual capital will be well invested in R&D with India and sales to other nations are a given. The decline of the Western Nations and ascent of the Eastern world is a reality, philosophical issues aside, hard headed practicality has moved Israel to this wise decision. The history of betrayal in defense and economic support by the Western world is evidence enough.

Japan’s PM Abe has been visiting Israel. With a retinue of foreign ministry officials and commercial leaders discussions of common ground matters such as counter-terrorism co-operation, trade and diplomatic partnership have been on the agenda. Japan has dealt with large scale terrorist attacks in its past and now with the poisonous spider-web of a world conquest bound Caliphate spreading Japan is on the target list for the 7th century theocracy.

Israel’s experience in dealing with a fully committed ideology whose adherents face death fearlessly, do not surrender, and brutally execute all who do not submit to their ways will be important for India and now Japan as the find themselves marked for conquest by a rapidly expanding 7th century concept that few Westerners even comprehend much less have the will to engage in battle. The Caliphate is bent on world conquest and submission. It is not a group of crazy terrorists, thrill-killers and thugs but a committed holy war movement with high tech and media savvy to recruit distant members as fully committed as the Jihad warriors in Syria Iraq and the countries being overrun.

Abe visits Israel, agrees with Netanyahu on anti-terrorism cooperation

China’s economic growth as #1 world’s economy has not gone un-noticed either in Israel. The expansionist movements into the Far East, incursions into what was considered the zone occupied by the Philippines, Viet Nam, South Korea and most obviously Japan has alarmed these nations. The gradual withdrawal of the United States has left a vacuum in the Pacific that will be filled by another nation, and that nation is China. Most of their goals will be accomplished quietly and peacefully as China replaces the United States as the dominant world power. Israel can develop trade relationships with this nascent giant as well. The only real concern is in defense related technology. China will see to its own needs and wants and as Napoleon thought, only China knows what China wants and will get.

These Eastern moves are wise ones as the USA continues to a reduced world status and reduced military status. Diplomatic affronts and a pro-Muslim preference have severely damaged a long term relationship. Europe continues to sway on a bankruptcy and Euro-thin tight wire. Muslim non-assimilation and population growth, an increase in overt anti-Semitism and Jewish emigration to Israel opens doors to Israel and increased Asian financial and diplomatic opportunities.

The visit to Israel by Prime Minister Abe is a positive step for both nations. We can add to this the hope that the lives of the two Japanese hostages will be somehow spared through diplomacy or other means. Israel can render invaluable counsel in this crisis. Japan has made a wise choice to open up doors to Israel.

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