Israel Made the Right Decision

BDS supporters, Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, generated much controversy and dominated the news this past week, amid speculation related to whether their trip to Israel would take place.

In 2017 Israel enacted a law forbidding BDS supporters from entering Israel.
Ever since their inauguration, Congresswomen Omar, and Tlaib, have stated their support of BDS and have used their congressional platforms to demonize Israel.

Congresswoman Tlaib was always upfront about her intention of shunning the traditional Congressional trip to Israel. Instead, she planned a separate trip to East Jerusalem. Tlaib can’t even bring herself to refer to Israel by its rightful name. She calls it “Palestine. She made this quite clear right after her inauguration, when she covered up “Israel” on the map in her office with a stick me note reading “Palestine.”

Though Tlaib has accused members of Congress who support Israel of having “dual loyalties,” an age old antisemitic slur, she pointedly came to her inauguration ceremony draped in a Palestinian flag. She has vowed, as a member of Congress, to be a “voice for Palestinians.” Funny, I thought Congressional representative were supposed to be a voice for Americans.

At a fundraiser for CAIR, an organization with terrorist affiliations, which Tlaib and Omar support, Tlaib said, “I always said, ‘the Muslims are coming.’ I think we’re here!” She speaks frequently of the “oppression” Israel has imposed on her “ancestors” in “Palestine.”

Omar, expresses the same anti Israel and antisemitic sentiments as Tlaib. Aided by an adoring media, all too willing to broadcast her every word, Rep Omar uses the spotlight of her Congressional platform to speak about the “evil doings of Israel,” as she once famously put it, propagating the baseless accusation that Israel is an apartheid state and accusing Israel of perpetrating genocide against the Palestinians (notwithstanding the fact that the Palestinian population has greatly increased since Israel’s founding).

Exploiting their positions as US Congresswomen, their entire visit was supposed be in East Jerusalem and they hoped to meet, not with Israeli officials, but with the Palestinian Authority.

One of the leaders they planned to meet, according to Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the US, has ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which the US has designated as a terrorist group. The sponsor of their trip is a Jew hating organization called Miftah. This group has revived the antisemitic trope that Jews use the blood of Christians on Passover.

Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib voted against the bill, passed by a majority of Congress, condemning BDS. They then sponsored a counter bill, supporting BDS’ right to boycott. They had the audacity to compare the boycott of BDS to the boycotting of German goods during the Holocaust, effectively comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

It is quite obvious that this trip to “Palestine” was designed to provoke more anti Israel rhetoric, to promote the boycott of Israeli goods and of Israel and to inflame incitement against the Jewish State, our greatest ally. Though Israel was initially reluctant to ban members of Congress, they ultimately decided to bar their entry, and were supported in this decision by President Trump.

The purpose of the Congressional Israel trip is to learn about Israel, and to continue to foster our strong ties and mutual friendship. Omar and Tlaib were offered the opportunity to meet with Israeli officials to discuss their concerns. They would have had the opportunity to hear and see both sides of the story. They refused this offer.

The purpose of the trip planned by Rep. Omar and Tlaib, was not to learn about Israel, but rather to use the trip to East Jerusalem, as a springboard to generate more support for BDS and to spew more anti Israel propaganda.

When Israel decided to bar their entry, Congresswoman Tlaib begged Israel to allow her to visit her 90 year old grandmother, “perhaps for the last time,” on humanitarian grounds.

Israel complied with this request, provided that she not to use the visit to promote BDS. Though she initially accepted these conditions, she ultimately turned down Israel’s offer, revealing her true colors, and once again, using her grandmother as a propaganda ploy.

Quietly visiting her grandmother was not what she intended. She wanted to visit on her own terms, the primary goal being to spew more lies against Israel. Had her request to visit her grandmother been denied, she would have riled against the “repressive restrictions” Palestinians are subjected to. She was prepared for both scenarios.

There was no way Israel would win in the eyes of its detractors. Whether or not the two congresswomen had been allowed to visit, they would have used the publicity generated, to denigrate Israel, as they are doing now.

Israel is a land the size of New Jersey. It’s area is approximately 0.18% of the Arab Lands. Yet Congresswoman Tlaib and Ilhan Omar find that too much to bear. The traditional Congressional Israel trip would have served no purpose for these two Israel hating Congresswomen. Those who want to gain entry to Israel with the sole purpose of doing it harm, and promoting incitement against Israel, should be banned. They shame Congress and the United States by their representation as Congresswomen. Good for Israel to deny them entry.

It is a perverse world, where terrorist murderers are idolized, and innocent victims are called Nazis. Yet this is the world these two Congresswomen are familiar with. This is the hate upon which they have been raised.

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Ettie Kryksman is a teacher and free lance writer who whose articles have appeared in various publications.
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