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PHOTOS: What you missed at Contact Point

Thousands of visitors reveled at the Israel Museum's all-night art fest -- here are the pics for the rest of us
Israel Museum's Shrine of the Book is illuminated during the Contact Point event in the Jerusalem Season of Culture., August 6, 2015 (Sharon Altshul)
Israel Museum's Shrine of the Book is illuminated during the Contact Point event in the Jerusalem Season of Culture., August 6, 2015 (Sharon Altshul)

It was sold out hours ahead of time. Two hours after opening, hundreds were still standing in line to get in to the Israel Museum. A long line of ticket holders went around the corner.

This part of the Jerusalem Season of Culture, Contact Point, was an overwhelming success.

Israel Museum

For those of you who missed it, and those who had no idea what those lights in the Jerusalem sky were, here are a few favorites from the night. Those lights that lit up the sky originated from the Israel Museum Sculpture Garden.

Contact Point was held from 8:00 pm – 3:00 am.

Israel Museum

In the Pop Culture exhibit hall an artist-performer had his image projected on the wall. He interacted with audience members who asked him questions at a microphone, as he sat in a far away location in the museum.

Contact Israel Museum 051toi

Only in Israel?

I recognized two former students, and decided to go over to their mother at the microphone to say hello. From the other side of the room a young woman came to introduce herself as a former student of the mother.

Five random people, from all over the world, connected by one out-of-the-box art project, and for a few minutes interrupted the show.

Israel Museum

Robot controlled objects roamed the halls interacting with art.


Some stopped and noticed this small robot wandering around.

3D image

The 3-D printer demanded close look. Three of these printers were working to make small statue images.


Another roaming, but larger robot.

Israel Museum children

The Children’s Wing is into the Israel Museum’s 50th birthday celebration theme this year. Children of all ages were brought to Contact Point.

Israel museum

While thousands roamed the vast halls inside, many also participated in arts and crafts and viewed exhibits.

Outside colored lighting made the usual home of the Dead Sea Scrolls —

Israel Museum

the Shrine of the Book — purple

shrine of book

and green

Shrine of Book

with swirls in between.


From rainbow to pastels,


other sculptures in the Museum gardens changed colors.

Big Bamboo

Big Bambu may have looked like it was on fire, but it was cool,

Contact point performer

and served as an interesting backdrop for the musicians who performed.

Israel Museum night

Whoever thinks that Israelis have no patience and do not wait in line should have been in Jerusalem, Israel, at the Israel Museum last night.

This was a colorful, popular event, and more than 6,000 people attended.

When I left,

Israel Museum crowd

I could only wonder how many people stayed and how many gave up and went home, as hundreds waited in line to get in.

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