Kanyi Ndewa

Israel must finish the business in Gaza

In the wake of the October 7th human butchery in Israel, the concept of common humanity, the doctrine of moral conscience and empathy have been relentlessly subjected to the most horrendous vandalism by an unholy trinity of sponsors of terror, the school of political correctness and rabid anti-Semitism.

It’s disturbing to note that it has taken one hundred and fifty days for the UN to acknowledge that Hamas terrorists used rape as a weapon of war against Israeli women, and that they continue committing sexual crimes to hostages still held in Gaza. Equally unfortunate is the fact that so far, the UN is yet to condemn Hamas for the October 7th massacre.

What a tragedy that the United Nations has insidiously evolved into one of the most anti-Semitic institutions in the world!

It has been evidentially demonstrated that…(1) UNRWA is the ideological north star of Palestinian terrorism; (2) The UN has been deaf, mute and blind to atrocities committed against Israel by Hamas and allied terrorist organizations while highly vocal in demanding unilateral ceasefire in order to save Hamas from defeat; (3) UNRWA, ICJ, Security Council, General Assembly, UN women and UN secretary general are anti-Jew weapons at the disposal of Hamas.

Besides taking notice of the subjugation and conversion of UN into an anti-Israel lobby, Israel should take serious lessons of the trending global reality. That through massive immigration from Muslim countries, the Western world democratic culture and civilization has been similarly infiltrated, emasculated and is currently being crucified by radical Islam through mob chaos in the streets of European and American cities.

A few months ago, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a certified anti-Israel crusader declared that her business in the US government is to pursue interests of Somalia. In the same breath, an arrogant Omar fell short of declaring war on Kenya and Ethiopia. British parliament has been literally put under siege by pro-Hamas rioters whose threats to MPs has led to a number of resignations from the house of commons.

The demographic tilt in Europe and America is such that the traditional support for Israel has to be subjected to the rhetoric of political correctness as opposed to the scale of moral clarity. That’s why in condemning the current wave of anti-Semitism, islamophobia has to be tagged along, NOT because it is a problem, just to appease the other side. As elections approach, instincts for political survival usually replace good judgement. This why the Biden administration has been groping in the miasma of indecision and doublespeak regarding the Middle East conflict.

Going forward, Israel must do whatever it takes and ensure that American support will no longer be at the whimsical exigencies of an election season. Similarly Israeli interests should never again depend upon the pendulum of power between Democrats and Republicans. An aggressive strategy to ensure consistent American support regardless of the party in power is an imperative.

Well, Israel could be the only democracy in the Middle East. So what? In fact, Israel’s genocidal neighbours interpret it as a weakness. When you conduct six elections in two years, when there’s risk of collapse of government any time, sometimes even by resignation of one or two members, there’s no stability, there’s no policy firmness and consistency. The despotic neighbours would exploit this unpredictable change of government to their advantage. A serious re-examination of Israeli political system should be on the table moving forward.

After October 7th, there have been calls for resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Did George Bush resign after 9/11? Unfortunately, the Biden administration has been trying to replace Netanyahu for allegedly being the head of a far right government! I thought the US should be a little bit less cynical and show respect for Israel’s democratic choice.

Now, those in Israel supporting calls for resignation of government because of October 7th massacre…it means you are allowing terrorists to dictate who should lead your country. In the prevailing circumstances, Hamas, Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah and Qatar would celebrate resignation of the resolute Bibi hoping Israel will elect a weakling. If you are willing to reward Hamas violence with a change of government, why are you denying them the other gift of an independent state which is being dangled to them by Joe Biden and David Cameron? Survival and security of Israel should not be predicated on the Biden-Cameron gift state. In fact, it should be the other way round.

The war against Al Qaeda and ISIS would not have been won or even fought if US and its allies awaited global uniformity of thought on the way forward. They did the right thing. Israel is doing the right thing by insisting on finishing the job in Gaza. Hamas must be totally vanquished.

It’s common knowledge that Iran is the head of the Middle East octopus of terror. Do not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear bomb. Israel has never disappointed when it comes to the strategy of pre-emptive strikes. The Iranian nuclear enrichment facility should be reduced into a heap of scrap metal as a matter of urgency. It will be a catastrophic mistake if Israel loses its regional military superiority to a nuclear armed genocidal caliphate.

About the Author
Kanyi Ndewa (Lawrence Kanyi Ndegwa) is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a lawyer and leadership consultant.