Israel Must Not Negotiate With Terror

AS THE STATE OF ISRAEL TAKES REVENGE ON GAZA FOR THE OCTOBER 7 TERRORIST ATROCITIES BY ARAB JIHADIST KILLERS—it becomes extremely important not to lose sight of the fundamental principle that is at the heart of any successful civilizational conflict: not negotiating with terror.

When bearded men behead children—it is time to say, ‘This is not consistent with the principles of humanity that we uphold, therefore no negotiations until the entire land becomes clear of this terror.’

The risk is real that after this conflict, there might be negotiation with terrorists, under the current global antisemitic administration.

Undoubtedly, the risks from talking to terrorists is greater than the risk of war since the state of Israel has demonstrated time and time again that no terror attack will go unanswered. Because every time there is negotiation with terror, the terrorists win a victory. It sends the message, “If you do enough terror we will talk and even do things you want.” Does this not encourage other fanatics to take this path of terror? Absolutely it does, and puts everyone in danger, even the Palestinians.

Negotiating with terror is Islamophobic, since it leads to more violence against Muslims, and even encourages the extreme elements within Islamic faith tradition to become more radical and more vocal demanding greater land in the territory that is the sole right of the state of Israel.

An objective analysis of the conflicts in the Middle East demonstrates beyond doubt that the vast majority of the victims of terror are Muslims. This report by the US government’s National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC) establishes my conclusion.[1] This is proof that it is in the interest of the Islamic community for the state of Israel to permanently annihilate the terror threat without mercy. Everyone is sick and tired of the senseless violence that terrorists have caused around the world, and it is time to move on, and reject everything that will potentially provide support for terror and terror-related enterprises, whether directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, the Islamic states, particularly in the Gulf region, are completely in favor with Israel’s intention of destroying terrorism in the region. There is no question on this—it is time to bring this into the light. They all believe that the terror that Israel is facing, from those who uphold that radical Islamic ideology, are terrorists. This is precisely why the state of Israel will be doing them a favor by removing all terror tunnels and rocket factories in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, etc.

There is a clear risk to the safety and security of Israel from the millions of militants if Israel negotiates with terror. This would be legitimizing them and giving them credibility. We will not commit this act of suicide under any circumstance. The US will never negotiate with ISIS or Al-Qaeda, why should Israel? And even if the US has covertly negotiated with them, or might do so in the future, this is still no reason for the state of Israel to negotiate with terror or give them an inch. Rather it is time to remove them from the land of Israel and do the entire world a favor.


About the Author
Zalghi Khan is a former investment banker, who is currently training to become an accountant. He is the author of ten books, and specializes in economics, finance, and geopolitical issues. For him it is important to provide convincing answers to pressing questions, especially as it relates to global economic matters.