Israel needs a confidence building measure

Not long ago, in order to get the Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” to deign to sit down and pretend to negotiate peace, Israel had to agree to another round of “goodwill gestures” and “confidence building measures.” Among them, Israel more than a hundred convicted terrorists from Israeli prisons. Dalia Lemkus (may God avenge her blood) was murdered this week by a terrorist released, not in that particular “confidence building measures” but in an earlier one. This was not the first time, either, nor was it the second.

For some reason, it is always Israel who is called upon to make such “confidence building measures.” It is as if the “Palestinians” have more than amply demonstrated their commitment to peace and Israel’s desire for peace is in doubt, when in fact, Israel has already paid an enormous price in territory, strategic assets, money and even armaments while the “Palestinians” have not upheld a single paragraph of their agreements with Israel.

Moreover, no matter what the prevailing situation or mood, Israeli concessions are demanded as the relevant measure to move forward. If the “Palestinians” are smiling and saying “moderate” things, then Israel has to reward that with strategic concessions lest their frustration turn to rage.  If the “Palestinians” are intransigent (a term applied only to Israel) then they have to be coaxed to negotiate by means of dangerous, even strategic concessions.

Furthermore, every Israeli concession has been “reciprocated” by using the advantage so conferred to kill Israelis and further harm Israel. No matter, the answer is for Israel to make even more concessions and weaken itself further. There is never a penalty to pay for “Palestinian” bellicosity, incitement to genocide, school books that foster nothing but jihad against Israel and Jews, glorification of terrorist mass murderers and summer camps where they train children to kill Israelis. The answer to all that is for Israel to give more, further empower the terrorist organizations who are our “peace partners” even though their charters still call for the obliteration of the State of Israel and the ethnic cleansing of Jews from “Palestine.” Hamas even calls for the murder of all Jews in the entire world. No matter. Just be more forthcoming or else, we are sternly warned, there will be more violence.

It is quite apparent that peace has nothing to do with the “peace process” unless one adopts Arafat’s definition of peace as the destruction of Israel. It never had anything to do with real peace. From the beginning, it was about the dismemberment and demoralization of Israel preparatory to the final onslaught which would put an end to Israel and its Jewish population and rid the world of the “Middle East conflict.”

So, I propose a confidence building measure to reassure the Israelis that its friends and even its own officials who assert so confidently that this is the way to the peace for which Israelis long really believe it. I am talking about people like Barack Obama and John Kerry and the European Union and Jimmy Carter and the leaders of J-Street and all the others who profess to believe that “painful concessions” by Israel will result in real peace. We need for you to demonstrate that you really believe peace will result from Israel returning to the “Auschwitz Borders,” as super-dove Abba Eban once described the 1949 Armistice lines (falsely called the “June 4, 1967 borders”), thus placing its neck on the block and handing the Arabs the ax.

How can you demonstrate your belief? Give us your children and grandchildren as hostages. Send them to live in Israel with us. They will not be called upon to do anything heroic, of course, but only to live in nice apartments in lovely towns along a peaceful border; towns like Kfar Sava and Mevaseret Tzion and Jerusalem. Let them go to schools in Israel. Let them go to entertainment places and theaters and parks and beaches with our children. Let them ride the buses and trains with us and eat in restaurants and pizza parlors with us and hang out in the malls and shopping centers with us. They will never feel like hostages unless they try to leave the country or seek asylum in one of those US military bases in Israel that no Israeli contractor had any part in building. Let us see them every day and be assured of your good faith in urging us to render the country indefensible.

This goes also for Israeli officials who urge us to agree to such dangerous concessions, who solemnly assure us that there will be peace with a “Palestinian” state in the strategic and historical heart of the land or who entertain the notion that such measures are negotiable. We need to be reassured that you do not intend to flee the country at the end with your children and grandchildren to estates which you may have in America or Australia or Spain or France and abandon us to the brutality that we see today in Syria and Iraq and Egypt.

We need this confidence building measure to overcome our doubts that, despite Israel’s consistent experience, you really believe that peace will result from Israeli weakness, because frankly, not many people are that stupid.

About the Author
Ya'akov has practiced law in New York, California and Israel for a multi-national clientele including Israeli NGO's. He was a professor of law in the US and has contributed numerous opinion pieces to various media outlets.