Bob Ryan

Israel Needs a Constitution

Judicial reform is needed in Israel in order to create a better balance of power between the legislative and judicial branches. It should be done through a Constitution, rather than the current legislative body. What one Knesset passes, the next can undo.

It should be based on the American Constitution, since it is one of the longest lasting in the world. And no other Constitution has brought about freedoms that have led to unheard of prosperity, including the poorest Americans, who alone equate to one of the wealthiest nations on Earth.

The reason for the undeniable success of America comes from our Constitution, which limits government and provides equal liberty for all. It has provided opportunities for people not found anywhere else in the world, like Madam C. J. Walker, the first self-made millionairess in the history of the world, who was born into poverty, and among the first who were freed by Lincoln via the 13th Amendment.

The American Constitution has no mention of slavery, including the widely misunderstood 3/5ths Clause, which limited representation of slave owning states in Congress. From the abolitionist perspective, fewer representatives in the House was better than full representation, since only the House allows for population to determine the numbers each state can elect.

Regardless of Israel matching the American Constitution, it should at least include the American Bill of Rights. No other Constitution has anything like it, which guarantees individual liberty for everyone. Not once does it refer to rights being limited to only specific people. No right has a disclaimer to limit anyone. It is always in the reference to the people, which is the total extent of the wording from the Bill of Rights.

If not the entirety of the American Constitution, with changes to there being no need for a 3/5ths Clause and smaller area, it should at least be used as a guide, since the balance of power that exists in America is more than just between the executive, legislative, and judicial, and the people who are governed.

Israel needs a constitution to clearly spell everything out, including the extent of power that each branch of federal government had. Only a constitution will bring about the changes long overdue.

About the Author
Bob Ryan is a novelist of the future via science-fiction, dystopian or a combination of the two, and blogger of the past with some present added in on occasion. He believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past, since human nature is an unchanging force. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. He is a Christian Zionist who knows God is calling His chosen home as foretold in prophecy.