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Israel Unfiltered: Is it good for Israel to leave the UN?

In the latest episode of Israel Unfiltered, I sat down with Michael Dixon, Executive Director of Stand With Us Israel, to discuss the organization’s mission and impact in the fight against antisemitism and support of Israel.

Dixon has been with Stand With Us for almost 17 years and has seen some of the worst antisemitic attacks and boycott efforts. However, he also noted the incredible amount of people who join and support Stand With Us, and the difference the organization makes on an individual level.

Stand With Us is an international education organization dedicated to educating about Israel, fighting antisemitism, and supporting Israel around the world. Dixon emphasized that the organization operates on many different levels, from middle school to high school to the college campus, to adults and community efforts and campaigns. The organization is very active on social media to empower people around the world to make their voices heard and push back against antisemitic attacks and defamation.

“I think we’re doing great around the world. And increasingly, we are global, operating in the UK and Brazil, in Australia and South Africa, in Holland, obviously, all across the United States and Canada,” Michael told me when I asked about the organization’s success. “We’re going to be doing more, we’re going to be growing more as time goes on this year.”

One of the more interesting aspects of the podcast was the discussion of how Stand With Us Israel differs from Stand With Us organizations in other countries. Dixon noted that because Israel is subject to a different level of criticism and is put under the microscope, every action the country takes is given a spin, and there is an active defamation campaign against the country. This makes Stand With Us Israel’s job particularly significant and different from other Stand With Us organizations.

Dixon also addressed the increasing prevalence of antisemitic lies in the media, particularly in the United States. While the organization has become early adopters and creative adopters of social media, Dixon acknowledges that there is still much work to be done in combating antisemitic sentiment and educating the public on the truth about Israel. “We’re talking about anti-Israel sentiment, but you’d be right to label it antisemitism, because that’s basically what it is,” he said.

He went on to note that Stand With Us Israel’s mission is more critical now than ever before, as antisemitic attacks continue to rise around the world. The organization’s commitment to educating about Israel, fighting antisemitism, and supporting Israel is crucial to ensuring that the truth about Israel is accurately portrayed and that those who face antisemitic attacks receive support.

Overall, the conversation provided a fascinating look into the work of Stand With Us and the ongoing fight against antisemitism. Dixon’s passion and dedication to the cause are evident, and it is clear that Stand With Us is making a real difference in the fight for a more just and equitable world.

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