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Israel Victory: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

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We’ve been going on almost 9 months since October 7 and exhaustion is setting in. Many of us are wondering when the war will be won and the hostages will be home so that life can return to normal. However, what many of us aren’t seeing is that the terrorists are playing a much longer game. They are willing to endure near-endless suffering and loss of life to achieve the goal of not only a “Palestine” but also a much broader terrorist caliphate. And to that end, they have interwoven a series of intricate false narratives and victimhood.

The Lure of False Progressive Narratives

Campus funding and influence from Qatar to Iran, as well as support from wokeism and the Progressives, are influencing the discourse and misrepresenting historical realities. For example, the notion of “Palestine” does not recognize the fact that there has never been a Palestinian state. Further, the spurious accusation that the Jews are “occupying” the land does not at all acknowledge their legitimate historical, cultural, legal, and Biblical claims to it. Finally, calling for BDS, Intifada, and Jihad against the Zionists (i.e., Jews) simply spreads hate and violence rather than making genuine peace negotiations and coexistence the real answer.

Camouflaging the Quest for Domination

Of course, a compounding issue is that the rise of radical Islam poses a significant challenge to a negotiated peace. Its aims extend beyond territory, seeking to dismantle Western civilization and establish a global Sharia-led caliphate. While “Palestine” serves as a rallying cry, it’s crucial to recognize it as a stepping stone in this larger ambition.

Hiding Terror and Militancy

History provides context. From the Crusades to 10/7 and beyond, religious ideology has fueled conflict. Acknowledging this reality, however uncomfortable, is essential. Hiding behind euphemisms like “peaceful protests” obscures the true nature of extremist and militant actions, including the takeover and destruction of property, as well as intimidation, harassment, rape, abduction, and other violence. Moreover, examining historical patterns of violence, both pre- and post-1948, reveals a deeper narrative than a simple fight for land. 

Ignoring the Religious Dimension

The desire to avoid the term “religious war” stems from the fear of igniting further conflict. However, ignoring the religious dimension hinders a clear understanding. It’s vital to move beyond denial and political correctness toward a more truthful and nuanced discourse. For example, even today, the one Jewish State of Israel is being bombarded with everything from ballistic missiles to cruise missiles, rockets, and drones from terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad in Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon, but also from as far as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Radical Islamic Ideology

Granting a Palestinian state, regardless of size or juxtaposition with Israel, wouldn’t appease those seeking global religious dominance. Ultimately, the struggle is not about land but about imposing a specific ideology. One example is that removing the Hamas terrorists from control over Gaza is a challenge of epic proportions that involves not only defeating the tens of thousands of terrorists there but also deradicalizing the population from an ideology of intolerance and martyrdom. 

Balancing Coexistence and Security

We, as a global community, share a common humanity. Religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence are essential values, regardless of faith. Forced conversion and violence have no place in the modern world of democracy, freedom, and human rights.

Moving forward to a Middle East solution requires a shift in focus. While peaceful Palestinian aspirations deserve consideration, recognizing the broader fight against extremism and terror is equally crucial. Open and honest dialogue, based on historical realities, recognition of and security for Israel, and respect for human rights, is the only path to a lasting solution.

A Vision of a Safe and Secure Democracy

For us to succeed, we need to dig in our heels and embrace the kind of long-term commitment and unyielding dedication not only to defeating Hamas today but also to the terrorist threat in the long term. Our enemies have a vision of dominion over the West, and we must be committed and united to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to ensure they are completely and utterly defeated and that we are safe and secure forever.

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