Israel – What I See

Andreas Fagerbakke in Jerusalem

When some people see Israel they tend to focus only on its flaws. If they see racism in Israel they blow it way out of proportion and call it “apartheid”. If they see Israel fighting terror, they call it “genocide”. They basically demonize Israel, turning Israel into a nation that has evil intentions.

As you probably understand, I look at Israel a bit differently. I see a democratic, multicultural and liberal state in a region full of darkness and oppression. A country that offers so much to the world and that helps millions of people all over the world with its expertise in many fields. I see a country that yearns for peace, and that has made huge concessions in the name of peace. I see a country where Arabs are free and can speak their mind, practice their religion, form political parties and join the Knesset.

I see a humane country that cares about the Palestinians even when Palestinian terrorists fire rockets at Israeli civilians. Did you know that thousands of Palestinians from Gaza and Judea and Samaria are treated at Israeli hospitals every single year? I wish the world could see Israel for what it truly is – A country that yearns for peace and that continues to make the world a better place.

Sure, Israel has its flaws and is far from perfect.. But you could say that about any country. And before you judge Israel, please take into consideration what kind of neighborhood Israel lives in. It’s a tough neighborhood, a neighborhood where you don’t get a second chance. Israel doesn’t want war. Israel doesn’t want to build barriers, checkpoints or any other measure that makes the life harder for the Palestinians. But what should Israel do? Remove all the security measures, bringing terror back on the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv?

About the Author
Andreas Fagerbakke is a Pro-Israel blogger from Norway