IsraelB’s Pesach Guide for Jerusalem and Beyond!

My favourite time of the year is Pesach. The emphasis on family, community and our collective history. The Seder is the highlight for me when we sit around the table and celebrate our memories and relationships.

Pesach is a time when there is so much information to have to know and absorb. From kosher for Pesach medication and restaurants to where to take the family over Chol Hamoed so we all have a good time. As Pesach is an expensive time of year. we all want to know where to find cheaper or even free events and activities.

The IsraelB online community I run, is especially useful around the Chagim time. Make sure to subscribe to the IsraelB newsletter to get daily updates of what’s on throughout Pesach. We try to provide you with useful and reliable information in a clear and clean way, to make it as easy as possible for you to find out what you want.

Make sure when you go on tiyulim and trips over Chol Hamoed to:

1. Take food – It’s very expensive to buy over Pesach.

2. Take water, sun screen and hats etc. It gets hot this time of year.

3. If going on a tiyul – Check the route beforehand to make sure it’s age appropriate and not too tough or demanding. Make sure your phones etc are charged.

Here are some useful links and pieces of information from the IsraelB website, to help you all have an enjoyable and kosher Pesach:

Useful links for Events and Other Information:

Jerusalem Happenings:


Jerusalem Municipality.

Go Jerusalem

Kosher for Pesach medication:

Click on here.

Kosher for Pesach restaurants:

Click on here.

Family activities in Jerusalem:

Fun in Jerusalem

Click on here for their special Pesach guide which has gone live!!

Birkat Kohanim at the Kotel: April 2, 2018

  • 8:45: Shacharit
  • 9:30: Birkat kohanim
  • 10:15: Mussaf
  • 10:30: Birkat Kohanim

FREE and family deals for Chol Hamoed:

Click on here.

Singles Events:

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Nefesh B’Nefesh Events:

Click on here.

Best Days out throughout Israel over Pesach for all the family:

Click on here.

Moshav Country Fair (Mevo Modiin) :

Click on here.

So, this information should help you have a really fun and meaningful Pesach both in Jerusalem and the rest of Israel.

Wish you and your families a, ‘Chag V’Kasher Sameach’,


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