Israeli Politics on Summer Break (Weekly Thought Thread)

So I haven’t been able to post for a few days because I was at a family wedding and then moving into a new apartment. Over those few days I noticed that people have been pretty uninformed with regards to the current Middle East peace talks. Oddly enough, even among the religious circles, where Israeli news is like reading the local paper, people who I would expect to actively follow Israeli politics seem to not be following these talks as closely as they would during the year. I too have not been as actively following these peace talks, and I have been trying to pinpoint why.

For me, being active in Israeli orgs on campus and being an advocate are huge motivators to stay up to date, and not being in an environment where students expected me to be their informant on all things Israeli means I can binge watch Dexter instead. I know this seems cold, but advocacy groups talk about a 5-90-5 model, where the 5% that are pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian are the only people in the general polity truly informed about the peace process.

For college students, that is a lot of people to focus on informing. If 90% of a campus are informed by these five-percenters during the school year, who is keeping them updated in the summer? Are they completely uninformed about current peace tallks because I’m not there knocking on there door with hummus? Let me know what you have seen, because I know I let my brain completely atrophy in the summer and all of the people who listen to me talk about Israel have been relatively uninformed.

About the Author
Gabriel Felder is a rising senior at George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs. He has also served multiple positions in the GWU Hillel and has largely focused on faith based dialogue on campus.