Israeli radio star confesses: “I left my wife for a man”

Dror Refael (Photo by Ohad Romano for “Connected” PR)

“I left my wife for a man and lived with him for over a year”, says Dror Rafael, a famous Israeli radio host in a new and revealing interview that will be published this weekend in Israel.

The LGBT community in Israel doesn’t hurry to label Dror as bisexual if he doesn’t say it himself, but the promo for the story definitely got people talking and anticipating reading the full interview.

Dror Rafael is known as half of the dual co-hosts of the satire radio show Shai and Dror (alongside Shai Goldstein). They became famous in the late 1990s, with the airing of their show on Radio Tel Aviv, which due to its success became a morning show. Later on they were offered the chance to co-host a satire TV talk show on Channel 2. Nowadays they co-host the morning show on RADIO LELO HAFSAKA 103FM, and a parallel TV show on Channel 10.

Dror’s revealing interview is published prior to the new season premiere of “Connected”, a reality show with the concept of the stars filming themselves. During this season, Rafael is going to surprise us and reveal how at the age of 40 he suddenly fell in love with a younger man, left his wife and two children and went to live with him. After a year he broke up with the guy, and returned home to his wife.

The show “Connected” is becoming known by opening each season with a coming out confession of an Israeli celebrity. Last year it was comedian Nadav Abecasis, and the year before it was actor and TV host Jason Danino-Holt.

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