Israeli Rock Music and Qassam Rockets Meet

Film review

I went to see the docufilm ‘Rock in the Red Zone’ about the life the people of Sderot, a small town, nestled few miles away from the terror enclave, Gaza, and my heart was captured.

Directed by Laura Bialis, who during the filming fell in love and married one of her film’s characters, has captured, perfectly, the life in a town that was constantly and for years was hit by rockets fired at it from Hamas in Gaza.

Rock in the Red Director Luara, musician husband Avi and daughter-Photo courtesy of Laura Bialis
Rock in the Red Director Luara, musician husband Avi and daughter-Photo courtesy of Laura Bialis

A close quarters exposé of life in a town being the bull’s-eye target of a wicked terror organization.

Sderot was known to be the center of the rock scene of Israel, the well of music that revolutionized and initiated a new character to the Israeli music. In the same heartbeat, for over a decade the town has been bombarded by rocket and mortar fire from the Gaza strip and was left to its own demise till the turnaround came about.

Through the eyes of Laura and the friends she has made while living in Sderot, the docufilm portrays the life of the musicians of Sderot, intertwined into the diverse ethnic character of the city’s residents and their enduring spirit.

Rock_in the Red Zone-the Movie logo
Rock_in the Red Zone-the Movie logo

Go and see the film to better understand what the entire Israel will be like should Hamas, Hezbollah and whoever from east of the Jordan River decides one day, to try, one more time, to bring an end to Israel.

A must see docufilm and a must tell to all your friends to go see it as well.

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