Israeli Scientist Says ET is Real

Israeli Scientist Haim Eshed was interviewed by Yediot Ahronot claimed in an interview that there are outer space aliens in contact with both the United States government and the Israeli government.

Eshed explained that the aliens are on a quest to understand the universe and would like humanity as helpers but, are unwilling to give humans the required technology until we stop fighting each other.

Scientists and philosophers for centuries have pondered whether humanity is alone in the universe or not.

Movie franchises and television shows have been created from Hollywood depicting aliens as either noble creatures or conquerors from the distant planet.

Haim Eshed’s claims are really bizarre but, not uncommon since many other high-ranking officials across the world have said aliens are real.

Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer was interviewed by Vice News back in 2013 claiming there was a Galactic Federation of alien planets.

Patrick McGuire from Vice News wrote:

” Beyond Mr. Hellyer’s claims that little green men—a term he avoids, as it is obviously a byproduct of anti-alien Hollywood propagandists—are real, he insists that several extraterrestrials currently live on Earth, and are actively cooperating with the United States government by sharing their highly-advanced technologies with our puny human minds. What we are giving them in return is, to Paul, unclear, but basically, he insists that a lot of the stuff that what makes up our high-tech gadgetry has been gifted to us by overly-advanced ETs.”

Quite similarly Harry Reed the former house majority leader has been interviewed for a film called Phenomenon saying the U.S. government has not revealed more evidence pertaining to UFOs.
A few months ago American Navy pilots went on the Joe Rogan Show and spoke about how they encountered weird aircraft making maneuvers no possible known human vehicle can perform.
United States Air Force did conduct an investigation into the phenomenon of UFOs back in the 1950s due to the threat of Soviet aircraft entering US airspace.
Project Blue Book concluded that the majority of cases which claimed to be UFOs could be explained as natural occurrences and an insignificant number of cases went unsolved.
In 1989 Bob Lazar claimed to have worked in Area 51, said he was privy to secret alien technology obtained from the Roswell alien crash in 1947.
Last year Bob Lazar appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience sharing his story about how he worked at Los Alamos and was recruited to work at Area-51 where he was tasked to reverse engineer anti-gravity technology.
Bob Lazar claimed he had studied Physics at MIT but there is no evidence he actually studied there and there is a record in Los Alamos of someone named Robert Lazar working there but, no conclusive evidence of knowing whether the person listed and Bob are the same person.
Most astrophysicists say there is a strong mathematical probability that we are not alone in the universe. In order for any sort of advanced civilization to reach us it would take thousands of years and the amount of fuel required for such a trip would required an unimaginable amount of energy.
It could be Haim Eshed has begun to suffer from dementia and is repeating information from  watching Rick and Morty on Netflix.

He could also very well believe aliens exists like like Hellyer and Reed who are both high ranking government officials but, has no actual prove to back up anything he says.

Perhaps Eshed like many other viewers on Netflix and consumer of media has watched many documentaries and has come to believe that aliens are real without having seen any evidence himself.

One can understand why Aliens would have contact with the US who is the most powerful country on Earth, but Israel does not even have a space program that can send people to space and are not nearly as powerful as the United States. It would not make any practical sense for aliens to be interested in our small country in the Middle East.

All the evidence we have is some videos showing what appear to be UFOs and eyewitness testimony. Unless aliens literally pronounce themselves to exist or somehow the US government opens up their “secret files”; the public can only continue to enjoy science fiction movies and television shows in the meantime.

About the Author
Shlomo was born in Florida and moved to Israel in 2012, he holds a degree from Florida Atlantic University in Political Science, served in the IDF as a combat soldier in the Netzach Yehuda battalion and is a current reservist in the Golani Brigade.