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Israeli Spring: Not! Israel saves the world

As an American who supports Israel I was watching with confident anxiety (not an oxymoron really) waiting for the results of the election. It wasn’t whether Netanyahu would win but by how much. Admittedly Israel has some serious economic issues, after all constant attacks by Hamas, Hezbollah, street violence that kills babies and people waiting to take a train do cause interruptions in business and daily life. The constant attacks by paid-for media like MSNBC, NBC, CNN, BBC and other corporate outlets cause poorly informed church groups and totally clueless college students and comfy-tenured faculty to parade around in costumes and carry signs to divest their colleges from Israel businesses. Turn in you cell phones, laptops and other toys, kids, too many Israeli-designed apps and parts.

The lapdog press here, all the news that fits in two minutes, harped on how Netanyahu was too much a hardliner and how our Congress had turned traitor by doing an open letter online to Iran’s mullahs about how the Constitution requires that they alone approve any treaties, no deals are eligible. Munich 1938 and Munich 2015 will not happen again. Israel will not be betrayed by an appeasement administration seeking self-gratification in an agreement that will seem to grant peace in my time from a nuclear armed Tehran.

Truthfully, Israel has just saved the world when you really think it over. As the United States continues its downward spiral from world leader to laughing stock, Iran and its Mahdist compatriot in arms in Iraq/Syria fill the vacuum left by this once respected Nation. Today’s strategy-vacuum is filled almost instantaneously by aggressive and brutal actions which do not tell their victims their plans months ahead. As The State Department’s “spokespersons” continue to offer reasons for the worldwide appeal of The Caliphate (both varieties) such as Jobs for Jihadis, fear of climate change, Arab Springs, and declaring that the Islamic State isn’t really Islamic (what do they know anyway, they’re just Islamic), the world wonders.

All the while Washington was trying to generate an Israeli Spring-like the disaster now known as Arab Spring where governments which while not democratic, or even nice, fell to chaos and butchery. Another government change was being engineered and financed in Ukraine. Here a resurgent Russia was moving to put back together a non-Soviet Union of similar states. Crimea has been Russia’s most significant naval base for years. The US funded an insurgency that deposed the legally elected government of Ukraine and put the nation into a civil war which Russia saw as an opportunity to reclaim its warm water naval base. The new “Cold War” by the United States refused to admit the commitment Putin has to safeguarding Russia. A recent Russian documentary told the frightening news that Putin had discussed with his closest advisors the possibility of nuclear action if pressed. Crimea is that important and the geniuses in the White House never grasped this. The mainstream media was too occupied with trivialities to tell viewers it was time to buy some canned goods and dig a big hole in the back yard. We may have been that close.

Thank you Israel! As the riddles and puzzles flow from Washington we know some adults are watching the store, just not ours. At least we know someone will speak truth and facts about a nuclear Iran and brutal Caliphate. I will sleep much better tonight knowing you’re there Israel.

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