Israeli Start-Up, Crymbo, Redefines Fintech

Whether it is trading cryptocurrencies or using a digital currency, digital assets are becoming progressively more popular in the contemporary world. Israeli start-up, Crymbo has redefined the ease of using digital assets. Crymbo’s CEO and co-founder, Tal Amram sets out to provide a “holistic solution to efficiently transferring digital assets”. Crymbo founded in 2018, provides a pioneering technological platform that does not only provide financial institutions who are interested in trading digital assets with efficiency, but trust, security and reliability.

Crymbo’s philosophy involves using their expertise in technology to assist financial institutions in secure and methodical management of digital assets. CEO, Amram believes that the reason less than 1 percent of the world’s population have bought digital assets is because of the “lack of tools and technology in this market”. There has been a lack of technology accessible and thus people are comfortable in transferring money in a centralized and more traditional system. Crymbo has filled this space and tick all the boxes to make decentralized exchanges attainable.

Amram stated “there is no need to build a spaghetti of anything” as Crymbo guides financial institutions to “implement current solutions that will be integrated into your financial system”. He further added that this start-up simply “makes sense” because it considers “what a financial institution is” and thus exactly “what it needs.” This tech start-up has contributed to the fintech scene in Israel through their intricate technology.

With protocol regarding digital assets being more flexible in the United Kingdom, Crymbo’s other offices are based in London, the “capital of fintech in Europe”, according to Amram. The CEO also told us that the UK has voiced an urgent need for support in handling digital assets.

Providing clients with a trusted platform is imperative when exchanging digital and intangible assets. Crymbo places emphasis on security as an integral part of their ethos. Crymbo’s technology ensures a ‘clean’ transfer by performing checks from six generations back and considers around 260 different factors. The transfer is then run through a gradable system. Amram confirmed the significance of security, maintaining that, “if you don’t follow security, there is a huge thing missing in the holistic solution.”

CEO, Tal and head of business development, Hagay discussed their passion for the fintech industry within Israel. Crymbo pride themselves on being an Israeli start-up as all technology is sourced from within Israel. They also added that people’s interest in decentralizing assets inspired them to start-up Crymbo. Tal and Hagay’s platform provide the underlying infrastructure to find an accessible route to exchanging digital assets.

There is a bright future for companies that encourage the utilization of digital assets, such as Crymbo. Head of business development Hagay, explained that Crymbo wants to “focus on simplifying finance and the way it operates in the future”, to reshape the next era of finance. Crymbo “connects the dots of the future of technology” as it incorporates plausible solutions to difficulties that have not yet been addressed in the world on fintech.

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