Israeli Start-Ups Fuel the Contech Revolution

An impressive range of Israeli start-ups has once again stunned the tech market by creating new and innovative ways to use technology in construction. With Israel having a reputation as a “start-up nation,” the Israeli government is committed to the evolution of Contech start-ups.

ConTech is a construction tech hub that embraces a myriad of start-ups, businesses, contractors, software companies, regulatory bodies, policymakers, and investors. Through this hub, ground-breaking developments have been made, introducing innovative technologies and complex codes to solve the challenges faced by construction companies. Contech has helped raise public and government awareness of the construction tech field through collaborations with municipal legislators, authorities, and policymakers. This has fueled new programs, accelerators, and public funding programs. In recent years, many international corporates have been included in this hub, expanding Contech and its innovations worldwide. In February 2020, Contech saw its worldwide hub come to life at its first construction conference in Tel Aviv as it brought together 400 local and international participants.

Indeed, there is a need for pioneering technology and software in the construction sector, to develop solutions both on and off the construction site. From discovering tools to shorten the time and increase the productivity of site and project management, to implementing IoT platforms, to the development of new materials, there is certainly a place for technology in construction.

Below is an outline of just a few of the leading Israeli, tech start-ups revolutionizing technology in construction. These start-ups provide access to a range of efficient solutions and managements tools using technology.

Start-up, Greenvibe has developed an efficient technology that is responsible for measuring a range of factors of construction materials. Greenvibe uses smart sensors which are IP-protected to enable the curing of concrete to be accurately measured in real-time. Indeed, the sensors can be integrated into the concrete of any construction element, continuously keeping track of not only its strength, temperature, humidity, and conductance but also its exact curing dynamics and strength development. GreenVibe’s IoT communication box is accountable for sampling, processing, storing, and delivering the data collected via the Cloud. Users can engage with collected data using their user-friendly app. With GreenVibe being a relatively new company alongside their $4 million investment in Series A, they are on track to revolutionize the management of construction materials.

Haifa start-up, Intsite, implements artificial intelligence and deep learning to optimize and automate the machinery at the center of worksites. Intsite offers two services including the ForeSite suite of products which provides assistance for machine operators and the AutoSite service which is responsible for autonomous machine operation. The ForeSite services combine ADAS technology for safety with AI-based algorithms for optimal movements, guiding the machine operator to make the most efficient decisions for the site and delivering safety alerts when necessary. The AutoSite service expands on this, enabling the machine to transfer autonomous decisions into actual movement. Twin CEO’s Mor and Tzach Ram-On have birthed a technology that effectively enables heavy machinery to operate autonomously whilst also enhancing its safety and performance. Intsite is operating in companies from Australia to Canada, enabling worldwide access to the benefits of real-time, data-driven decisions in construction.

Founded in 2018, Buildots, has revolutionized the governance of site progression by blending artificial intelligence and wearable hardware. With site analysis being tracked through a 360-degree camera and advanced AI technology comparing plans to reality, this start-up has made it accessible to avoid emerging issues, identify difficulties sooner, and find a solution before difficulties escalate. The head-mounted, 360-degree camera continuously conducts a visual check whilst performing in-depth analysis. The platform proceeds to deliver detailed push notifications of progression and problems.  This start-up has opened offices in the UK, proving its plausible assistance in increasing efficiency, saving money, and improving visibility over projects for construction companies. Leading investors such as Tidhar, Maor Investments, and Lightspeed recognized the potential in Buildots, fuelling the optimization of site progression and analysis through a $46 million fundraising.

Start-up, Pulser is a mobile-based app designed for contractors, superintendents, architects, and subcontractors working on building projects. Pulser operates as the Instagram for foremen and field workers- a social media platform for building projects. This start-up enables site contributors to walk around and record their project’s progress and issues, connect with your team and view blueprints and documents. Users have the option to filter information to adapt their own personal management work and only receive notifications appropriate for them. Pulser brings attention to the visual aspect of construction management as it is an accessible way to evaluate and understand your team or contractor’s projects. The app is free of charge and therefore invites everyone to contribute to the communal social media platform for construction sites.

Start-Up, BeamUp is a tech platform that has given access to a renewed way of lifecycle management in construction. BeamUp’s patented AI focuses on simplifying design time and efficiently merging design, maintenance, and operations processes to reach optimum excellence. This start-up provides access to all design and system elements through a natural state graph-based repository. As a result of this, construction enthusiasts can engage with digitized and data-driven solutions that will be the most efficient route to excellence. BeamUp’s platform additionally creates automated accurate designs that consider compliance and complex specifications in just minutes, which manually, would take months. Simultaneously, the platform is accountable for avoiding errors that impact expenditure as simplifying management and cutting design time is likely to decrease overall costs. The Fortune 500 and the world’s largest companies depend on BeamUp’s platform for the design of their building systems and to succeed in building smart, safe, and sustainable facilities for projects.

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