Israeli tech is powering global disaster relief efforts

The year 2017 will be unfortunately remembered as a year of natural disasters. From flooding in ChinaPeru, and Africahurricanes in the Caribbean and United States, to earthquakes in Mexico, natural calamities have claimed many lives and displaced thousands from their homes. The impact of these tragic disasters will be felt by communities for years to come. Thankfully, as countries began to mobilize first responders and others for rescue and rebuilding efforts they have had access to recently developed technologies that facilitate rescue operations, expedite healthcare treatment for the affected, and improve communications. These new technologies have been key for saving precious lives and time.

For followers of Israel’s vibrant technology and start-up sector it should come as no surprise that many of the most important technologies being utilized in global search and rescue operations are of Israeli origin. As many around the globe know first-hand, Israeli technology has played an important role in improving the lives of individuals across the world. For years, countries across various regions have utilized Israeli origin technology to better the lives of their citizens, with Israeli WaterTech and HealthTech having positively impacted the lives of many in Latin America, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent, among other places. Nevertheless, it should also be recognized that Israeli developed technology is playing an important role in disaster relief efforts across the globe.

In Mexico, where citizens have long benefited from Israeli WaterTech, not only were the country’s quake ravaged inhabitants aided by the courageous efforts of immediately dispatched Israeli first-responders, they were also privy to the cutting edge technology which aided life saving efforts. For instance, Israeli advanced imaging technology company Camero-Tech’s products helped Mexican first responders locate survivors trapped in rubble. In Puerto Rico, which suffered from back to back hurricanes and whose inhabitants were left without clean water in many places, efforts were set in motion to obtain Israeli WaterTech equipment. In the moments and days following Chile’s earthquakes in 2014 and 2016, government agencies and first responders were able to coordinate communications efforts thanks to Israeli developed eVigilio, an emergency notification technology. Likewise, following the Nepal earthquake of 2015, Israeli first responders were on site, utilizing tech innovations including satellite imagery and medical device technologies to help save lives. 

Israel is well known for its technology acumen. The country boasts the most amount of startups per capita in the world. Israeli tech pioneers are leading the way in some of the most innovative areas of technological advancement including FinTech, HealthTech, and self-driving vehicles. Such developments are not only advancing the pace of global technology development but benefiting many of us in our everyday lives. Yet, in addition, and in conjunction with the country’s first responders, Israel’s tech innovators are also helping to save lives in communities confronted by life-shattering natural disasters. As recent events illustrate, there is no better time than now to recognize this contribution.

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Carlos Miguel Gutierrez is an advisor and Investor to early stage and growth companies. His writing has been featured in HuffPost, The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, CNBC, Univision and El Pais. Gutierrez holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan, a Master of Arts from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, and a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center.
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