Israelis are the world’s top Social Media users

According to a new study conducted by Pew Research Center, Israelis use social media platforms more than people in any other country and rank second in smartphone ownership below South Korea. Pew’s study says that 88 percent of Israelis has a smartphone while 20 percent have an ordinary cellphone and only 2 percent of Israelis had no cellphone at all. The two findings of the study are definitely strongly linked as having a smartphone allows you to access social media platforms much easier and more regularly.

The study suggests that educated and higher income Israelis are more likely to use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and that women are using Social Media more than men do. Israelis spend an average of eleven hours daily on social media networks to socialize or to inform themselves about the latest news and trends nationally and globally.

Most used Social Media networks in Israel

Facebook is the most used social media network by Israelis as it is a great tool for connecting with their friends and family members. that is why 85 percent of Israelis internet users are connected on Facebook regularly. The second most used social media network by Israelis is YouTube having 7 percent of Israelis who access the site regularly. Instagram is not used too often by the Israelis internet users having only 1 percent of the country regularly going on Instagram to share videos and pictures with their friends.  However, the social media network Instagram seems to soon make a rise among Israelis as more and more fashion influencers, Instagram models, and food bloggers are starting to share great photos and quality content with their followers.

Whether they are sharing a yoga pose in the middle of the desert, sharing their professional and everyday lives with their followers, Israelis Instagram stars are rising to fame. Thus, Instagram usage among Israelis social media users is expected to increase in the last several years.

Social Media is good for business

One surprising aspect which has been noticed as a result of the rise of social media users in Israeli is the fact that its drawbacks are good for the business environment. It seems that Israelis are dealing with numerous fake accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That is why to protect Israelis from fake personas and their profiles, there are many startups rising that make sure the information of genuine social media users is staying safe and protected.

Also, another surprising business which has resulted from the rise of Social media among Israelis is the startup called Israelis have got used with staying connected and finding relevant information online. Therefore, the company has had the brilliant idea of developing a urinalysis test kit using a smartphone camera to scan a dipstick. The results can be sent directly to doctors and integrated with medical records, thus making early detection to make an enormous difference in avoiding complications from kidney disease.

Social media is a relatively new technology which has made an ever-lasting impact on Israelis and its influence is showing no signs of slowing down.

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