Shlomo Alegra
Shlomo Alegra

Israelis can finally buy Teslas, but it’s not enough

Israelis have hoped for years to be able to purchase the Tesla electric cars manufactured in Fremont, California.

Tesla a company taken over by the founder of Pay Pal over a decade ago was seen as a company that would fail.

Going public, Tesla was shorted by several hedge funds across Wall Street believing the company would go bankrupt within a few years.

In 2008 Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy because no actual profits from any sales and most of the models were in development.

Musk put his own money to prevent the company from closing its doors.

Musk has been reported to have slept in the factory and work nonstop to push the production of their newest model.

Tesla is now an unstoppable force with a giga-factory in China, the original in California, a new factory in Texas and a new factory in Germany.

All these cities and locations benefit from having thousands of people employed at a giga-factory.

In the Nevada factory alone there are seven thousand employees that work at the factory.

Giga-factories are meant to employ around twenty thousand people.

In Israel, the greatest economic motor that powers the country are startup companies.

Startups as much as they have greatly helped provide salaries for countless citizens has a downside of not lasting past five years before they go bankrupt.

Germany has a strong economy due to the fact many factories provide people with jobs and their exports to other countries from their domestic factories bring money into their economy.

Detroit used to be one of the wealthiest cities in the United States when most car factories were based out of Detroit. Most people do not have a college degree and will be blue-collar workers for the rest of their lives.

Working retail is one of the only options for many people who do not have an education past high school.

Retail is a dead-end job that many people who have worked as a retail worker can say it is an unfulfilling job.

Working in a factory, on the other hand, pays wages that are usually above the minimum wage and workers feel a sense of accomplishment after having completed several products in an hour.

Israel is in the best position to have a giga-factory in either Be’er Sheva or Eilat.

A Giga-Factory for either city would result in employment for a maximum of twenty thousand Israelis and Palestinians.

The economic significance of twenty-thousand people earning a middle-class wage would contribute to the movement of money into the city.

People would need more teachers for their children, homes, and all other products that would generate even more prosperity.

Israel would not be the only customer of the giga-factory in Be’er Sheva.

Not only would the Teslas be supplied to the domestic market but, would be able to supply cars to neighboring countries.

The United Arab Emirates and Jordan are the two other countries besides Israel that have active importation of Tesla vehicles.

Both countries have significant wealthy citizens who do not mind paying the money for an electric car.

Tesla has hopes of selling all over the world and hopes to add more countries to their list of customers.

Turkey and Egypt each have a population of close to one hundred million people living within their borders.

A Giga Factory in Israel could see the exportation of tens of thousands of cars each month to many of Israel’s neighbors.

Tesla giga-factory would have both Israelis and Palestinians working together like Soda Stream.

The Potential to improve the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians is significantly important for the well-being of all the country’s citizens and residents.

The only thing hindering the development of a giga-factory in Israel are heavy corporate taxes and strong unions.

Concessions in the Israeli Government must be made to be to make it really attractive for Tesla to have a giga-factory in Israel.

Elimination of any sort of corporate tax and perhaps even giving land away to Tesla for their factory would intrigue them to open a factory.

People would be opposed to such a move of Tesla opening a giga-factory in Israel because they do not want to give tax breaks to such a large company.

The benefit of having a company that would provide tens of thousands of jobs and helps improve the lives of many Israelis is worth giving the company tax incentives.

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