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Israelism is Propaganda

Israelism poster
Israelism poster

Israelism is a propaganda piece. I knew this before I watched the film but my views on this film which were originally just from watching the trailer and reading numerous articles have been confirmed. All of the footage of Palestinians in the West Bank is taken out of context and edited to fit the narrative of Israelism. This is a narrative to paint Israel as the manifestation of the word ‘evil’.

After October 7th we have all clearly seen why security measures like walls and checkpoints are in place. These security measures failed. Israel didn’t do enough. So whether Israel removes blockades and checkpoints or puts up more it will lose. It will either lose physically (people murdered/massacred) or in the media/public opinion (people trying to delegitimize Israel; this instance).

This film doesn’t mention the mass radicalization and indoctrination of Palestinian children in UNRWA schools. This film doesn’t mention the actual history, especially Arab violence against Jews. It only mentions the Nakba because it fits the narrative of this piece. This film lacks an all sides perspective. I didn’t expect it to have one because it had a bunch of interviewees except for Abraham Fox (I found out that he didn’t realize what sort of documentary he was going to be a part of) who hate Israel and even hate their own identity as a Jew.

This includes terrorist apologists who provided interviews like Rebecca Vilkomerson. She has stood side by side with Rasmea Odeh and harassed members of the LGBTQ+ community who were Jewish and pro-Israel. This is completely counterproductive to the sort of progressivism anti-Zionists are pushing. This film shouldn’t be screened unless it is paused constantly to be torn apart and ripped to shreds.

Without warnings throughout the film, people will see this as truth. When people perceive this as truth they will hate Israel and begin to hate the Jewish people, a majority of which support Israel.

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Aden Kosoi is a freshman Journalism major at Hofstra University. He is also the Founder and Director of EndJewHatred's California chapter as well as an EJH campus fellow. He splits his time between New York City and Los Angeles.
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