Susan Lui

Israel’s Clowns Aren’t “Just” Clowning Around

Israel is called a lot of things these days in the worldwide media, by the larger world community, the public, NGO’s, those who hate Jews and hate Israel, even in local Israel news sources.  Some even call the Israeli Prime Minister a clown!:

Screenshot 2015-06-07 at 12.03.54 PMYet Israel continues to just “clown around”.  In a good way.

Just several weeks ago Israeli doctors in partnership with the Israel Defence Forces arrived in Nepal to assist in treating and healing the thousands upon thousands dealing with physical and emotional pain and trauma in the wake of the recent devastating earthquake.

But these doctor’s bring something most Nepalese, most of the world, have never before witnessed: medical clowns!

While the IDF and medical personnel built and established the state of the art mobile field hospital and conducted hundreds of life-saving surgical procedures including delivering newborns the medical clowns were bringing laughter, joy, and a welcome distraction to  to Nepalese children–and adult alike!

Israel’s clowning around isn’t an amatuer act. After all, if the Prime Minister is accused of being a Zionist clown he must be aware of the professional training these doctors and medical professionals pursue to be officially qualified as medical clowns!

In Nepal, the often log cues for non-life threatening injuries or sickness presented prime opportunity to entertain “audiences” and bring laughter where the world around these cities and villages had just erupted into chaos only days prior.

Israel’s professionalizing of this field is supported by scientific evidence that the ability of those wounded from war or injured from catastrophe or recovering from serious illness are better able to heal and gain strength, stamina, and shorten the recovery duration.

Even if the Ayatollah isn’t proud, Patch Adams, the “father of medical clowning”’ would likely be impressed, honored, and ecstatic at the abundance of research supporting this niche training and application in hospitals and medical facilities.

Maybe the Ayatollah needs some laughter therapy to help him cope with the unprecedented successes of Israel over the past almost seven decades? Maybe he and Obama are sharing sobs and tears over Bibi’s invite to address Congress?

Or maybe Bibi needs more “clowning around” professional development to make the Ayatollah heal his waywardness and suicidal and homicidal tendencies?

Either way, it is no joke and no laughing matter:

Israel is here to stay and will is primed to continue its “clowning around the world” for the benefit and healing of so many.

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With multi-colored blood and a tangle of (up)roots from Nepal to Louisville to Dallas to South Carolina, Denver and Chicago Susan Lui has finally begun planting her roots on Long Island where she enjoys ocean breezes, art, writing, philosophy, and immersing and nurturing her thriving always untangling roots of her Jewish ancestry and tradition.