David Elmescany

Israel’s Digital Battle: Truth vs. Silence

Not long ago, I voiced my perspective about the vital role individuals like myself play in elucidating Israel’s reality to the world. In an uncanny turn of events, as if I had foreseen it, Israel now finds itself in conflict, underscoring our role’s importance even further.

We, digital influencers, have been committed to this endeavor for years, pouring countless hours into debunking misconceptions and portraying Israel in a light that’s closer to its reality. Yet, our efforts often go unrecognized by the very state of Israel itself. We persevere in our mission, even in the absence of endorsement from any official institution or notable figures.

This lack of acknowledgment does not diminish the gravity of what we do. The truth is, if our efforts were more coordinated and organized, we could wield a much more formidable presence on social media platforms. I have been featured in interviews with dozens of newspapers in Brazil, emphasizing the pivotal role of social media in this context.

On our own accord, we’ve taken up this mantle. It’s crucial to understand that the fight for Israel’s narrative unfolds on multiple fronts, with social media being one of the primary arenas, starkly contrasting traditional media’s role. Regrettably, we’ve been at a disadvantage in this domain for quite some time, and without proper backing, our stance becomes increasingly precarious.

Case in point, Hamas, for instance, carries out highly effective communication campaigns on social networks, often outpacing many of our initiatives. It’s a stark reality that we must grapple with.

It’s imperative for Israeli authorities to recognize and support digital influencers in their quest to shed light on events and fairly represent Israel on social media. Without a unified strategy and coordinated effort, we run the risk of continually losing this narrative battle.

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As an Advertising professional and the founder of the "Viva Israel" project in Portuguese, I have been dedicated to bringing the various aspects of Israel to Portuguese speakers. I immigrated to Israel in 2003 and served in the military until 2007. In addition, I work closely with the Israeli Police in the Old City, and currently hold the rank of First Sergeant in the Nahal combat unit. With my extensive experience in the advertising sector, I have sharpened my skills and used them to promote the rich culture, history, and vibrant life of Israel through my project. From politics and society to tourism and cuisine, "Viva Israel" covers a broad spectrum of topics, engaging over a million followers across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and our dedicated website.
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