Israel’s forthcoming miracle!

My friend Eliyahu recently recalled the days during the early 90’s when he miraculously escaped a posting to the military unit of the Russian Army destined to train Syrian ground troops in Damascus. The Assad Alawite regime had become the extended arm of Russian resistance to the rebels in Chechnya. Locking down Sunni radicals in Syria would prevent their recruitment by the Chechens intent on striking hard against Russian interests. The Russians were locking them down – in Syria. President Obama’s policies changed the character of the hidden Syrian lock-down, now Russia struggles, openly to keep the Assad regime alive and Chechen allies at bay. 

Having failed to shake Russian economic ties to Iran, President Obama’s Russian opposition moved to Ukraine where Americas developing options are limited by entrenched Russian political support juxtaposed against a weak EU consensus. As Putin reads Obama’s every move, his recent dispatch of Russian troops to Ukraine raises, to a crescendo Obama’s convergence toward an Obama / Kerry’s peace in the Middle East. Such a prospect would strike disaster for Russian dominance of Chechen rebels, who may rapidly obtain support from Syrian rebels that would otherwise be victorious against Assad. 

The elevated risk provides an economic boom to US and Russian defense industries, while Israel and its Palestinian Authority nemesis provide the reactionary sparks necessary to keep gargantuan diplomatic maneuvers generating much needed heat. A little while back I wrote an article that the late Ariel Sharon, preemptively stopped these potential machinations spilling over into complexities that could have led to World War III in Israel’s back yard. He built a separation barrier, a land demarcation preventing the amassing of Arab refugees spilling over into Israel. Instead Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey received hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of refugees from Syria. 

Israel’s relatively simple ‘Palestinian’ problem is no longer the focal point of this wider conflict. Prime Minister Netanyahu has influenced Obama to prioritize and engage the Iranian / Russian issue, elevating it as the most volatile and vile relationship. Now, its too late for Obama to turn back. Although risks are significant and could quite easily spill over to serious regional conflict, the theater is likely be on Russian soil. As US – Russian brinkmanship approaches the red zone and Israel turns on its massive new supply of natural gas to Europe, the time for an Obama sponsored peace is premature. Frustrations will become increasingly evident as Israel’s political divide dig their heels, insisting on the core, fundamental issue – Israel is the one and only Jewish State, something there so called peace partners cannot accept! 

Now is the time for the world to recognize and make way for the perpetual Israel/Jewish State, not racial inequality as its detractors promote, but equality under a sovereign democracy. As Israel powers on economically and Jewish immigrants return from Ukraine, France and other volatile regions, the major world powers may be readying themselves for a serious military escalation that could shake financial markets and destabilize governments. However, Israel the global anomaly, will be the brightest light and warring nations will scratch their heads wondering how these global affairs were organised to enable Israel’s miraculously favorable outcome.

About the Author
Kevin Bermeister is the founder of, a master plan for Jerusalem through the year 2050. Bermeister is a technological innovator, developing substantial businesses in the computer, multimedia and Internet industries. Among his many accomplishments, he was a founding investor of Skype in 2002. He is also an active investor in Israeli real estate.