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Israel’s Resilience and Innovation amidst Conflict: Wine & Grind’s Impact

Wine & Grind Event In 'Deli Vino', Netanya, Jul 3rd, 2024

When people think of Israel today, they often focus on its conflicts with Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, overlooking the true essence of the nation.

Israel is a country filled with hope, dignity, and innovation, known as the “StartUp Nation” for its groundbreaking startups and advanced technology. Despite this, many overlook its true potential.

At a recent Wine & Grind event, Izhar Shay, former Minister of Science and Technology and founder of Next October, declared:

They came to destroy, and we are here to build.

Despite significant security threats, Israel continues to thrive and build, proving that nothing can stop its progress.

Daniel Leubitz, Head of Product at net2phone and an organizer of Wine & Grind, called the event a resounding success, stating:

This was our first event, and it was a resounding success. There’s definitely a gap that Wine & Grind is filling, where startups, especially those in the periphery, can connect with investors, mentors, and other visionaries. And of course, all of this happens over a glass of wine!

Daniel added:

We’re more than a meetup; we’re a vibrant community where ideas flourish, connections are made, and innovation thrives.

Wine & Grind was initiated by a group of entrepreneurs and CEOs with a shared vision of fostering innovation and meaningful connections. Held in a sophisticated ambiance of Deli Vino in Netanya, the event blended business with leisure, offering a mix of fine wine, cheese, music, and a good vibe. This unique approach created an environment where attendees could enjoy a refined evening while engaging in business discussions, making connections, and exploring investment opportunities.

The recent event featured speakers like Izhar Shay and Allon Mason, CEO at UserWay and President at Level Access. It included pitches from startups such as Decentralab, Social Mirror, Superfy, WINEing, and Soundwork, each showcasing their potential in Israel’s tech landscape.

In a recent post of mine I mentioned:

 This was our first event, and we now have a clear direction to move forward. The success of this event has set a strong foundation for future gatherings.

Wine & Grind aims to expand its reach and audience, targeting hundreds of startups, investors, and entrepreneurs. The vision includes running multiple events in major cities and beyond, creating a beneficial platform for all.

In times of conflict, the resilience and innovation of Israelis shine through. Initiatives like Wine & Grind support startups and entrepreneurs, showcasing the unyielding spirit and potential of the “StartUp Nation.”


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Notable Figures:

  1. Izhar Shay – Next October. Founder and former Minister of Science and Technology​  (Wikipedia)​​.
  2. Daniel Leubitz – net2phone. Head of Product and Wine & Grind organizer.
  3. Allon Mason – UserWay and Level Access. CEO and President​ (Level Access)​​ (Wikipedia)​​.


  1. Decentralab – Pioneering blockchain solutions (Decentralab).
  2. Social Mirror – Revolutionizing social media analytics (Social Mirror).
  3. Superfy – Enhancing everyday interactions with AI (Superfy).
  4. WINEing – Innovating the wine industry through technology (WINEing).
  5. Soundwork – Transforming audio experiences (Soundwork).
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