Israel’s Strongest Defense of All… IDF

Israel is currently under verbal fire from Hezbollah as its leader Hassan Nasrallah issued a threat to all Zionists urging them to return to “the country they are from.” In his statement Nasrallah denies the Jewish right to the homeland, which is indefinitely false. He further warns that “stupid Israeli command does not have accurate data about the military capabilities that will confront their army during any upcoming war.” It is important to understand Israel does not initiate war for means of meaningless destruction, instead it fights to defend its country. If it is confronted by an outside group attempting to endanger the country, Israel will do all it can to protect its citizens and sacred land.

Many objectionists questioned whether or not the state of Israel belongs to the Jews. However, it is known that G-d gave the Jewish homeland — Israel — to the Jewish nation. Countries are given to specific people based on their rights and ownership of the land. The Jewish people evidently have the oldest claim to the land as Joshua and the Canaanites first resided there. Hassan Nasrallah views Israel, the Jewish homeland, as a land occupied by Zionists. The land of Israel is filled with Jewish history in areas like Jerusalem, Hevron, and Tiberias. Abundant archeological findings have been found dating back to the Davidic dynasty. However, Hassan Nasrallah perceives the land as his and denies that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Therefore, it is not accurate to tell all Zionists residing in the land to leave because it has been their land for centuries. Since the Jewish homeland is so sacred, the Israeli Defense Forces will do anything in its power to protect it.

Israel and the United States have witnessed multiple threats from the Hezbollah leader who declares to bring the country to its demise. If the United States and Israel launch war against Syria, Gaza, and Lebanon Nasrallah states, “the Zionist settlers will pay a heavy price.” As he threatens the existence of the country, the IDF — Israeli Defence Forces — prepares its defensive measures. With a stockpile of 130,000 rockets, the IDF has begun its training and preparation for the upcoming war with Hezbollah. The IDF plans on taking different measures during the potential upcoming Lebanon war as opposed to the one before it. Instead of intricately differentiating between the terror group and the State of Lebanon it will strike at any building used for Hezbollah activity. Israel declares if Lebanon launches war against Israel, Israel will return Lebanon to the Stone Age. Israel has never once fought an offensive war, it will only fight defensive wars.

Israel is currently facing threats from Hezbollah, the terrorist group in Lebanon, as they are seeking to cause its demise. The leader of Hezbollah is trying to urge Zionists to leave the land as he claims it does not belong to them. However, it is evident the Jewish people have the longest claim to the land and it was granted to them many years back. Israel is ready to fight a defensive battle to protect the land and make sure it remains a safe haven for the Jewish people.

About the Author
Hannah Fiske is a senior at Scheck Hillel Community School. She learns in a Judaic Seminar Class with Rabbi Pilochowski who teaches about Israel Advocacy.