Israel’s Water Crisis Being Tackled by Israeli Startups

Kando is another reason for Israelis to be happy about the future of Israel. Israel-based, Kando has started to tackle a major problem that impacts the world: wastewater management. Sewer and wastewater management continues to be an issue as the world’s infrastructure continues to age, populations continue to grow and systems continue to be overutilized.

I’ve been a major follower of Israeli startups, and my interest in water issues started to rise when Cape Town, South Africa started running out of water.

Israel’s startups have been able to work on a variety of water-related issues, such as Aquarius Spectrum, which has created a software application and sensors that detect leaks in major water pipe systems.

Kando is of interest because it offers game-changing applications through hardware and software solutions. The company is comprised of 20 engineers from a variety of fields. The company’s SaaS platform is working on increasing the quality and quantity of wastewater to be reused. The goal is to offer better service, lower operating and maintenance costs, and do it all through real-time tracking.

Wastewater quality parameters will be tracked and monitored.

The ICI has faith in Kando. They’ve provided the company with a personal investment, adding to Kando’s Series A funding round. Hundreds of companies were involved, but Kando won the ICI Fund backing because they believe that Kando will be able to automate the wastewater utilities sector.

Kando’s clients, which include major utilities and sewer operators, helped the ICI make the decision to pick Kando. Kando’s groundbreaking SaaS brings together advanced analytics, historical data and real-time information to provide a thorough analysis of wastewater system operations.

All of this information will allow the operators to be able to increase the reusability of wastewater, detect any anomalies that exist within the wastewater system and optimize operations further.

Innosphere, an incubator, also works with the ICI to help Israeli companies move into US markets.

Kando will not have help bringing their product to public utilities in the United States. Kando believes that the collaboration with the two companies will help Kando rapidly expand into an industry leader in the United States.

Kando’s Smart Units work with utilities to offer software monitors across a network to provide up-to-the-minute information about a system’s operations. Water utility costs will be able to be radically reduced, helping water-starved areas make better use of the little water that they receive.

Israel is always in the spotlight for water and sewage because a chronic water problem exists in Israel. Natural and manmade, the water crisis is a real concern, with Israel often stuck in multi-year cycles of drought that put further strain on the country’s water systems.

Startups are helping Israel in the fight to help the country try and save as much water as possible, remembering a time when Lake Kinneret was full. As Israel continues to look for ways to keep water flowing and start devising plans to keep water running through 2050, startups continue to do their part by making water treatment more efficient.

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