Miriam Simmonds
Yalla, Geulah!

It Takes a Nation

We’ve all fallen. We’ve all been lost in darkness. It can feel like you’re watching the world passing by smiling and laughing whilst you’re stood frozen on the sidelines. Broken. Alone.

What if you could speak up? What if you were surrounded by others, a shield of strength and hope? What if you had the support helping you to let go of shame and guilt, and embraced your journey?

This is only possible in a society that makes space for imperfection. A society understanding of struggles. A society with professional help available and willing. A society of unquestioning empathy, awareness, and love.

When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I recovered 3 years later, at aged 16. Jewish Action for Mental Health didn’t yet exist then, and its’ void was astronomical. I faced illness and recovery alone, unknowing of where to turn and how to heal. In that time I seriously struggled in many ways, morphing into just a shell of a person. How many others do we not know about, who are struggling to survive and need urgent aid?

It is time for action, for giving. For uniting in strength, and in vulnerability.

A tzaddik is someone who, “falls down 7 times… and gets back up 8 times.” Meaning even in the fall, there is holiness. Meaning it’s not perfection that makes us great, it’s the climb back up. That’s not something that can be done alone. The future holy leaders need a helping hand up; it could take a whole nation.

I spent 3 years drowning under an ocean of CFS/ME. I was invisible. Your donations, no matter how big or small, breathes hope back into the lives of the silently suffering, and gets them the treatment they need to turn 3 years into perhaps just a few months, or less. To empower a generation of tzaddikim/ot in strength, healing, and endless compassion.

Donate now to save lives

About the Author
Originally from Manchester, England, I moved to Israel in 2018 where I now live with my husband and baby. I feel passionately about all things Torah, Hashem, and spirituality. I love to express this in writing as well as drawing and simply through living. I have a deep love of nature (especially horses!), Israel, learning, and expressing through art.
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